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    Re: calculate an annual 1% grows - how much grows is that for every one of the 12 mon

    well, maybe I just don't understand this,
    but what I need is
    January the starting amount is 1000,
    in December it is 1010 -
    so it grew by one percent.
    How do I figure out, what the growing percentage was in February, March, etc.
    and ends up being 1% after 12 months.
    just dividing 1% by 12 (abt. 0.08% per month) won't work
    because it grows a tiny bit more every month.
    So, I know what the end result is, I just can not figure out,
    how how to create that spreadsheet, where it shows the grows percentage per month
    in order to add up to 1% after 12 months.