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    Re: VBA Help for Copy Paste Date Range (14 days previous from today)

    What I would like to do is select all the data from the last 15 days prior to today's date in the "Actual Data" tab (Including the header Row 1), Then copy and paste all of it into the "Sharepoint Upload" tab. Then I can handle the removal of 10 columns once its in that tab.

    But then I would like to import all that information to a SharePoint List and have the system overwrite the same file each day. I'm not sure how to do this or if its even possible? The list needs to be set up as a table and imported into sharepoint. Unless someone knows an easier way..

    I'm needing some help on VB programming. Right now I have an excel sheet that i'm using for data scrubbing and paste into SharePoint there are 3 tabs. One tab ("Daily Data Dump")is where I dump the daily data, run a macro that removes a bunch of crap (Titles, total rows, sorts, adds few columns for sorting needs) then it pastes the information into the main data sheet ("Actual Data").

    Then I have another tab ("Sharepoint Upload"). What I would like to do is copy and paste the last 15 days worth of data from "Actual Data" into "Sharepoint Upload". The date column is B and its formatted to MM:DD:YYYY. I would also like to remove some columns in the process as well but that part is super easy. I'm just struggling to get the the past 15 days of data. Which is equal to about 13728 rows (1056 or 1057 rows per day). I would prefer us the date field then do it by number of rows from bottom so we can add to this sheet later.

    Also I would like to leave the Actual Data alone as its the raw data. And another wish list item would be an easier way to import that into SharePoint 2007 and overwrite an existing list each day. The list is used to feed reports that the users in the field click update on there excel sheet and it would update all the information on there dashboard for 2 weeks. Each day they can refresh it to see the new data (Adding a more current day but removing older days). Thanks in advance for all your help and Please let me know if there is anything else you need.