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    Re: Database

    Why was he banned if i may ask? Is hes coding bad or what. If it is i will not use the codes he made.
    Sorry if its not okay to go so much offtopic on this thread.

    Re: Excel traning tests request

    Thank you very much for your answer AAE. I will look at it, but it's not 100% what i was looking for. This is Training and not tests. I learn better by trying it and not just reading about it.

    So I'm still open for tests if someone got any links or made them themselves.

    Hey I'm abit new to excel and know the basics but would like to learn alot more.
    Therefor im asking for help to find excel tests where i can learn more about excel.

    The tests im looking for are where you are given some data and told a "Problem". Then you have to find a way to solve it.

    Found this one so you know what im talking about:

    Worked this one out in 20 min.

    Also i just started working with macros but find it hard to learn all the commands. Someone got an idea of how i can learn more?

    Best regards,

    Re: Help Excel Macro Making a date.

    Ahh okay now i know what you mean. It makes it look like what Gary's Student had in his post. Okay i will do that but there is just one problem. I can edit all my other posts but not the start post.

    EDIT: I see you did it for me. Thanks

    Re: Help Excel Macro Making a date.

    Sorry for being abit slow.. Do i highlight all of my text and make it a code or only important words that tells something about my post?
    HTML - is that the blue at my pictures?

    It's the first time for me on a forum like this so please go easy on me.

    Re: Help Excel Macro Making a date.

    Sorry I have read it. Just didnt understand the thing about tags.

    Thanks mycomputerguy-w. So i have to, when i make a new post, make these # before all important words or what? And is this only in the title or is it only in the text or both?

    Did they remove my rights to post new comments becouse of this? :( If so i think you should make the rules abit more clear so people, like me, that are not so good with this stuff also have a chance.

    It's a really great forum, quick replys and nice people, so it would make me sad to kicked from here.

    Re: Help Excel Macro Making a date.

    Thanks you very much for the help gary's student.

    Sorry RoyUK, im new to this kind of forum page.
    Did i post it the wrong place or what?

    I have something more to ask but can't find the bottom to make a new post. Someone got a link to an excel-sheet i can download with tests, to test my knowledge at excel?
    Like where you give some data and ask to make something with that data. Its would be very helpful for me, couse im having a hard time finding it myslef on the internet.

    I'm trying to make an excel macro where a date+time(text) turns into a date(date).

    [ATTACH=CONFIG]51451[/ATTACH](this is just some of the data. need to do it for about 15000 rows)

    What i would normaly do if i didnt use macros, would be to use:

    Copy =left(A1;10) down for all the rows.

    Copy to another colum. (So i have a text and not a formular)

    Use "Test to colums" all the way down. Now i have the date as an excel date.


    The problem is that when i try to do the same steps with macro, i run into problems when i use "Text to colum".

    Here is how i program it so far:

    The red part is where i run into the problem. Only the cell that i recorded the red part for, turns into a date even though I just before use "Range(Selection, Selection.End(xlDown)).Select"

    Someone know how to make this work or another way of making it work?