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    I dabble in VB and do so infrequently as needed. i know this may be trivial for some. I just need to know how to print the activecell's comment to a notepad new document

    and a word new document - i ask for both because I have looked around and i know both ways are a bit different. i tried and can't seem to get it to work

    Thank you all

    Re: Dynamically highlight all cells that equal the active cell value

    I have that code working also. I modified it to keep coloring new clicked cells also.
    The only other thing I would like to do is
    How do I count the colored cells in each row and then write the number of colored cells per row at any available cell after the last column (all rows will always have same number of columns)
    Thanks for any input

    So for example, If I have 10 rows of data. and if I clicked on 3 different values. Right now, I have the code coloring all those values in the range of data. Any Row can have 0,1,2,3 colored cells. i want whatever the number of colored cells is in each row ,written after the last column of every row

    Re: Using the rng of cells with data color all cells with val equal to clicked cell v

    Sorry, I was trying to post in the middle of a busy day.
    I will copy and paste data from a website into an excel workbook. The data will have a set number of columns but the rows will vary every time. I then want to be able to click any cell and have all values equal to the one on the clicked cell
    filled with color. When I click a different cell, I want the cells which were colored on the first click to go back to normal (white)
    and the new clicked cell and matching cells to be colored etc.

    Thank you