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    Re: Multi-Level Data Validation Problem


    Hello again! I tried changing the Data Validation for the second Validation



    And I received the following message: “A Named Range You Specified Cannot Be Found.”

    Additionally, a friend helped with adding the "autopopulate date ranges" on the Data Validation tab. I haven't adjusted anything with the code, could this be affecting it? Lastly, I may be adding more locations (tabs), will this affect this formula? Thanks!

    I was completely through editing my document, but had to change two tab names (and their names associated throughout the rest of the workbook). The workbook is attached for your consideration.

    CCLT_17_14_1” was previously labeled as “Klause_19_9

    And “Morgan_13_5” was previously labeled as “Hendrick_27_7

    Everything is still working correctly except my second data validation [Second Selection – Select Date:] on the REPORT tab.

    What did I do and how do I fix it? All help is appreciated!

    Re: Formula Publishing Multiple Entries Originating From Multiple Criteria


    I feel so foolish...I didn't even see that you uploaded it in your earlier post. Your formula does INDEED work. Last question, I know that you can't put an array formula into merged cells. However, since your array formula is already inserted, I tried merging the cells and it worked. Will this mess up the formula?

    Thank you again for your assistance and patience. I very much appreciate your help!

    Re: Formula Publishing Multiple Entries Originating From Multiple Criteria


    Can you pls let us know which are the expected results in the yellow columns, if not the results that my formula gives?

    On the Report tab, I am looking for the following:

    In YELLOW COLUMNS B36:B32, I am lookin for it to fill in with comments from C2:C100 from Comments tab

    Likewise, for YELLOW COLUMNS F36:F32, I am looking for it to fill in with comments from D2:D100 from Comments tab

    Re: Formula Publishing Multiple Entries Originating From Multiple Criteria


    Thanks for the reply. I tried using the formula you created and it did not work for me. I have a similar workbook which "grabs" multiple comments, but it only has ONE criteria: DATE.
    The formulas from the other workbook are listed below:

    The First Comment:



    This workbook, however, has two criteria: DATE and LOCATION. Lastly, because of the way my workbook is arranged, I need these formulas to fit into a merged cell. Any other help is much appreciated!

    I am trying to create a formula that is based on two different cells within the same tab (Comments) in my workbook. I have attached the workbook as a reference.

    For example, on the main tab (Report), when I select LOCATION, I am able to choose between various locations. Once a location is selected, I can then select DATE, which is the date I visited that location.

    After selecting both, I want it to display that information originating from the COMMENTS tab on the REPORT tab. The desired information will be displayed in the highlighted yellow areas

    On the comments tab, it lists multiple entries (comments) from multiple locations and dates. Is there a formula that can narrow down to a specific location then desired date based on the before mentioned data-validation selection, and lists each “task performed”/”comments” for that selection?

    All help and assistance is much appreciated!