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    Re: Totalling numbers by names - how?


    I am not excel expert... but sometimes i work with somewhat similar type of data layout
    What i do is... copy down all the names in one column (column A) then... remove duplicate... then

    This will save some of your time atleast... however experts here may give you better solution...

    Re: Hide/unhide rows based on cell value

    Thanks... Thanks so much Roy... u shown me the way to move ahead... otherwise i was stuck...

    BTW... can u suggest me any other best way... as u think OptionButtons are not the best way...

    Re: Hide/unhide rows based on cell value

    Hi Roy,

    Let me try to explain...
    I have to collect information from a group of particular club members... for this purpose i am trying to create a excel sheet in which they can select their answer which will be by clicking the option button...
    The requirement is... they should not see next question until they answer the 1st or the visible one... for example... when they will open this excel sheet they can see the 1st set of options with all option button unchecked so C3 will be 0 that is why i need that when C3 is 0 other rows will be hidden... as soon as they select any option the rows for 2nd set of option will get unhidden... for example... if C3 is not 0 then rows 13 to 28 unhidden.... and so on...

    Someone advised me to use "userform"... but as i said I am not good with VBA coding... all i do is google search and modify code if dosent work i seek help here...

    Hope i answered your question and thanks for being with me...

    Re: Hide/unhide rows based on cell value

    Hi Roy,

    Why this code is not working when I am selecting B3 option button

    I am very thankful that u looking into this...

    Re: Hide/unhide rows based on cell value

    Hi Roy

    Option buttons which are in "B3:B7" are linked with C3. if u select any of these option button value changes in C3.

    As of now code says... if C3 is 0 hide rows 11 to 1000 but its not hiding until i manually type 0
    In other words... if i change code ... lets say if C3 is 1 then hide rows... and select 1st option button which is in B3... its not hiding the rows even if C3 is 1
    Code only works when i manually type the value...

    Hi Experts,

    I am not VBA expert, I google searched a code to hide/unhide rows based on cell value and modified it.

    As you can see in the attached excelsheet, value in cell (C3) is linked with the check boxes, but below macro is not working. however when i manually type any value its working. it should work when I select the checkbox

    Can someone pls give me the solution...

    Here is the code.

    Thanks in advance

    Hi Gurus,

    I have a code which is copy/pasting the selection specified number of times

    Sub CopyNtimes()
    Dim i
        For i = 1 To Application.InputBox("How many times do you want to copy the selection?", "", 1, Type:=1)
            With Selection
                .Copy .Offset(i * .Rows.Count)
            End With
    End Sub

    Can someone modify this code so that it can paste the selection specified number of times leaving specified number or rows

    For Example:

    Selection is A1:Z10
    need to copy paste 2 times...
    Rows to leave: 3

    So it should paste in the range A14:Z24 and then A28:Z38

    Thanks ...

    Re: $20 Populate relevant data in the sheet from another sheet every month

    Hi Wigi,

    I am sorry... I am here again. I run the code with the real data and noticed that it needs couple of fixes.

    Firstly, it is not copying down the row headings which is in column D (AAA, BBB, CCC) and second (example July month) column X & Y have some formula e.g. W7 + W8 & W7 + W9 it should be copied down as well... as of now code is deleting the existing formula as well.

    There is one formatting issue as well (cell fill color)... but i believe its difficult to explain :(

    Can this be fixed...?? Thanks...

    Re: $20 Populate relevant data in the sheet from another sheet every month

    Wow Great Amazing...

    Its working flawlessly with the dummy data as I want... I will run this code with the real data tomorrow ... I hope there wont be any issues then, if there is, please dont mind if I come back to fix any bugs, as I said programming is not my field I didnt understood any part of your code, but thanks for your hints in green text...

    Many Many thanks for helping me out...

    Re: $20 Populate relevant data in the sheet from another sheet every month

    Thanks Wigi... I am in India.. and its 0040 here... I will be here till 0200 if you have any questions... and then I will be online from 1000.

    I am sorry, i forgot to mention one thing... if employee dosent exists in "US_July" code should not delete him from "US" just leave blank his corresponding rows.

    Hi Experts,

    This forum is awesome and very very helpful, experts here helped me a lot with the codes in the past. However, this time it is too much to ask for free. I have made the Pre-payment.

    I am newbie in VBA coding. Programming is not my field of work. Its my humble request to experts please help me out.

    I have attached a worksheet "Workflow" which contains 4 sheets.

    Sheets "UK" and "US" needs to be populated from "US_July" and "UK_July" (Please note that next month sheets will be "US_Aug" and "UK_Aug" and so on)

    Rules for US and UK will be the same, so here I am explaining for US only, UK will be exactly the same. Data is dummy but formatting and data exactly reflects the original. only difference is in real data there is a long very long list of employees.

    Sheet "US_July" in Column W - Designation of employee and in Column V - ID number of that group (designation). Using this information code should populate all the relevant employees in the sheet "US" under the row 6 (column B and C have the same designation and Group ID)

    Data which needs to populate:
    US_July - Column F - It is Employee ID which should come in Column C of "US" (Please note that Employee ID is unique for each employee there wont be same ID for two employees)
    US_July - Column P - This number should come in Column W of "US" (Because the data is for July next month it will be Column Z)
    US_July - Column G - in the next row same column
    US_July - Column L + N - in the next row same column

    If the employee (employee ID) already exist in the US sheet, code should populate the relevant data against him in that particular months column and if employee dosent exists then it should add him by adding the row (within that Group)

    And same for next Group and then next.

    I know its too much to ask for and I hope this can be doable using a macro (as I mentioned it will be a very long list of employees so its very painful manually).

    I request experts to look into this.