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    Re: Find Value In One Range And Change Value In Another Range

    Sorry for the delay Roy, got tied up doing other things.

    Have achieved what I wanted to do with an amalgamtion of code found on the forum. FYI this is what I have used......any improvements are always welcome:

    Re: Find Value In One Range And Change Value In Another Range

    Thanks Roy

    I have used that method before, but when my range becomes large (30,000 rows) I find that it takes a long time to run the code. I was hoping to find a quicker solution. I have been experimenting with Find (which seems to be faster) but can't get the row reference transferred into my other range.

    Any thoughts?




    First off, thanks to all who have provided to this forum and helped me with my various spreadsheets over the years. I have looked for the answer to this problem on many forums and can't seem to find it, maybe I am just looking for the wrong thing....

    In VBA I am trying to search a Range in my worksheet for a specfic value (for arguments sake let's say todays date). When it finds an occurrence of todays date, I want my marco to insert a "1" into another Range on the same Row as the occurence of todays date i.e. if VBA finds todays date on Row 26 of Coulmn F, I want Row 26 of Column T to have a "1" in it. I have defined both my ranges as the same size (in the is case my search range is cells 5-500 in Coulmn F and my output range is 5-500 in Column T).

    Can anyone help me please?

    Thanks In Advance