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    Re: Create 2 columns for average in PIVOT tabel

    Hi KjBox,
    Thanks for the reply.
    Unfortunately i have pivot from pivot.
    And AVERAGE is not calculating correctly.
    Because i have value split in main data i need one pivot to sum all time from same criteria. And second pivot is makein average of the sum.

    I want to create table that is flexible to filter people, so i can take out average between some of them.

    Hope it is not too complex.

    Dear Forum users,
    I have a pivot table that is showing average time related value per one person in group of persons.
    Now i want to add second column to show total average. but on every row. Purpose is to create chart with average per person as bar and total average as a line.

    Hope my explanation is not to messy.

    Thank you in advanced.

    Dear Excel Guru Friends,
    i hope anybody can help me with some automation. I`m really bad in coding but i have some super basic understanding.
    So here is the thing
    in the attached file i have some sample data. in sheet "combinations" i have the initial data marked with the "start" shape. Filter is aplied to the heather of the "start" table.
    In column AF there is "user module" info that is copied to the sheet "check" and all duplicates are removed. with the "RUN" button all combinations between them are created.

    in the "combinations" sheet a filter must be applied column in column AF. this filter must be a combination of all values in columns E,F,G... and so one in sheet "check".
    (in D column in sheets "check" there is the end combination of the filter)
    after filter is applied in sheet "combinations" all visible rows must be copied and pasted. No matter if it is going to be in the same sheet or other. Before the paste there need be one cell in column X containing the name of the "master cell.value" in column X plus variant number, but in letters. Variant number and letters are in sheet "letters" Example: "master" connector name: Z142*1-L result Z142*1-L-A; Z142*1-L-B;.... etc
    From how i see it is go row by row in "check"; recognize FIRST input variants in "check" table; go to "combinations"; filter combination in column AF, copy value from cell "X2" + number/NAME of variant (start 1), copy visible rows with no header, paste somewhere, clear filter, go to "check" -
    SECOND input variant......


    • filter multiple criteria;
    • create "X2"+name of variant. X2 is not visible all the time...;
    • paste at the end of previous variant

    I really don`t think this is hard to be done, but my skills are really minimal (the combination creation macro is also coming from this forum :) Thank you people!)

    Hope you can support me in this topic :)


    Re: combine all CSV files in a folder to one file with some rules

    It can be anything. Lets say C:\combine\
    It contains only the files and all files need be combined.
    But in this cell "B1" that i mentioned in the first post, there is one name that need be in column A in front of every row that is in the combined file to identify where the data is coming.

    Re: combine all CSV files in a folder to one file with some rules

    Because, I don`t know how to call it :) maybe title rows ?
    Recording macro is not well working for me, because i`m really poor in coding.
    I will understand how to copy the table, but then i need to do this for all files in a directory (800+)
    and opening one by one.... :)

    Dear Forum Masters,
    Can somebody please help me with combing some (not defined number) of files with same structure into one file removing the "heather" information.

    all files are CSV with " ; " used as separator.
    In all files, row 12 is the heather of the tables and until row 12 is the "heather" of the file. In this "heather" in cell B1 (after splitting the csv) is particular name/value. This value is important for me.

    What i need is to have one file that combines everything from row 12 to the end of the file,
    but put in column A in the combined files next to each row from the original file, the value of the B1 cell.

    Can somebody please help me with some macro ?

    Thanks in advance :)

    Attached is 2 sample files.

    Thanks in advance for the help :)

    Kind regards,

    Re: Color cells by VBA

    Hello There. I have tried this code, but it is still the same.
    I have left screen updating True and i can see that it is changing every cell really slow.

    Dear Forum Members,
    i`m using a code do color cells based on value of the cell. But from some time started to work (nothing was changed in the code?!?!?) really slow.
    Basically it reads value of a cell in column E of a sheet and the cell next to it gets colour equal to value.
    For example "R" = RED, "R/W" = RED fill WHITE side border

    My problem is that it is colouring thousands of rows and it is waiting for soo long.

    Can anybody please tell me what is wrong in this code?
    I am no big expert in coding. This code was done by a former colleague of me who has long ago left the company.

    Whanks in advance for the help :)

    Dear Excel Gurus.
    I`m trying to copy 3 sheets from one excel worksbook to another where there are the same 3 sheets with the same formula links and connections.
    The document have huge macro in the background and i`m improving from time to time. (i`m not good in coding. real beginner....)

    My question is how to move the 3 sheets from one workbook to another while keeping the formulas/links.
    If i copy it creates sheet_name(2)
    if i copy content i need to go and break the link. Still not good. (really basic users are using the file and i whant to create automation for them)
    Can it be done programatically ?

    Hope my explanation is not too messy :)

    Thanks :)

    Hello Excel Guru people,
    I have a question how to split text from one cell to columns and then multiply the row to number of splited text words.

    It sound complicated so i have attached and example.

    In first sheet there is text in column C
    this text have a separator "/---; " . Needed word (number) is *********R (the numbers vary but the R and the separator is always there)
    My goal is to split this text in column C to rows with count of this *********R numbers into the next "Result" sheet but for every number to have first the columns with the DFC (in first sheet column A) and then the 9 yellow colored columns.

    In the example file the equal columns are colored in same color.

    Hope my explanation is not too confusing :)

    Thank you in advance for your help,