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    i have several things i need some help with here, i used to know how to perform these functions but now ive long since forgotten

    any and all help will be greatly appreciated

    first thing:

    the scenario is a spreadsheet for adding call centre operators evaluations (1 being worst and 5 being best) from the clients

    in the spreadsheet, i need to create a function to add a quick evaluation based on the operators score from the client

    so if the score is 4 or higher it would read "good - improving"

    and if it is less than 4 "poor - improving"

    i think this is just a simple IF question...but i have forgotten how to do it


    Re: Word VBA Assistance

    Quote from norie


    I don't know if I'm right but I think the OP wants to display the Save As dialog box to prompt for a filename.:)


    i also must designate a directory which should show up in the prompt

    Re: Word VBA Assistance

    what i tryed (the easy way) is the record the macro with the assigned keystroke and just click save as...but i cant stop the recording without closing the dialog box or saving the file....

    basically, all i need is to be able to hit a keystroke and the save as dialog box appears and after saving closes the document

    Re: Word VBA Assistance

    thanks for the reply Ger, i had tryed something like what you posted before and it didnt work the way i need it to

    what i need is a Keystroke to prompt for the filename and directory (the save as dialog box)

    thanks again

    I have a quick question for VBA buffs

    i have to create a macro to prompt for save as, then save, then close the document all using the same keystroke (Alt-E)

    it is simple im sure, im just missing an important line of code here or there

    any help at all is much appreciated!!