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    Thanks Andy, I have sorted it now. I had a scary moment when I couldn't turn off sharing but that was because the spreadsheet had protected itself. I turned that off, disabled sharing and all's fine now.

    Appreciate your prompt reply,

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    I have spreadsheet with multiple sheets containing data that I want to make a chart from. However, on each of these sheets the Chart Wizard icon is disabled and greyed out.

    But if I copy some of this data over to a fresh sheet all is normal again. The only difference to other spreadsheets that I can make out is that this one was set up to be shared by the owner - would that make a difference?

    Any suggestions on how to get my Wizard back would be gratefully received by this perplexed user.

    Many thanks

    Thank you all for your excellent tips on solving my problem. I've attached the spreadsheet I am working on but, despite applying the relevant time formatting to the cells, the total refuses to sum up - typing them in manually from scratch works though (the data was exported from an accounts package so perhaps there's a clue there somewhere..).

    Derk, your answer looks great but not too sure how to incorporate both formulas tidily.

    Once again, thanks to all you guys for your help, it is much appreciated.


    I'm trying to add up a column of time entries (from various solictors in a legal practice), in the format 911:51 (hours and minutes). Just need to know a formula that will convert the total number of minutes into hours and carry that figure over to add to the other total number of hours, if you see what I mean! I'm Using Excel 97 on a Windows 98 platform.

    Thank you in advance for any help you can give.