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    I am new to VBA. Got a quick question for transfer data from several sheets to a master data sheet. The problem I am having now is there are couple blank cells. My code just ignore the blank cells on the master data sheet and paste next to the last cell with content. For example I attached a test excel. with my code. I want to leave the blank cell as it is to keep the same product in one row. below is my code. Thanks ahead! Waiting online!!!!!

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    this will be the standard code but may need ajustment

    Thanks Pike!! Thats very helpful!!!!

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    Hi Pike,

    Thanks again for your help~

    I will unmerge cells. But the problem is for the second steps, since the format might be change a little bit due the the original owner randomly added rows for more information. For this situation. Will that be a solution for auto transit info. from each product to a master data sheet?



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    Hi wesleywuyu
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    It a very common request and an example workbook will make testing easier

    Hi pike I really appreciate your help. FYI, I attached a file which has a very similar format as the real doc, instead the really one has much more tables. Each table has all information for one product. I basically want each table locate in each table. Also consolidate the information from each table to a master sheet. Eg. rows represent product and column represent represent all criteria. I am not sure if that is possible since all the tables have very similar information but not exactly same. So the format may change by product.

    I dont know if I explain clearly. But this is a great help for me!!!! Thanks so much for your help and advice!


    First, I dont have any coding background, Maybe my question is very stupid. I am working on a project and need a coding. What I am trying to do is

    Select the sheets, and using while loop to go through all the rows

    if find the "API" cell in column A, and start counting till to the first empty row, then copy these rows to a new sheet

    after this one, keep going in the loop, and find the next 'API', and start the new counter again. rest are same as the pervious step.

    Waiting online! Thanks a lot!