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    Is there a formula to count the number of numbers/letters in a cell? I am curently working on a list of phone numbers which will be exported to a PBX
    (phone systrem) I can only use 15 letters in the description field and the phone numers will have 11 or possibly 12 chacters if I could do the counts as described above I could easily verify my data.


    I have created a spreadsheet that links customer names to price lists and allows for the production of a cost quotation. The various elements of this workbook are on 3 worksheets.

    I would like to be able to save the Quotation worksheet as a separate file in a Quotations folder.

    Is it possible to easily save a worksheet as a separate file?


    Re: Dates

    Many thanks ....once I figured out how the function worked I was able to make the date adjustment calculation that I needed--not sure how elegant my solution is but it Works!


    I am converting a csv file for an accounts payable reconciliation.

    I need to figure out a way of calculating payables based on them being
    30,45,60 day money

    The wrinkle is that the calculations are done from month I need to subtract the invoice date from the month end which could have 30,31 or 28/29 would be nice to have a formula that worked regardless of the date the report was being run.

    Any thoughts?


    I use a Word file to create sales quotations..I would like the file to automatically up date a quote number each time it is used...checking to find the next number can be a pain and can be over looked.. I have not been able to create a field command or find an explanation for how to do this...AHA

    I want to create a spreadsheet that keeps a record of product inventory levels.
    I can figure out how to get it to work statically but how do I create a formula that updates a total? i.e I Buy 10 widgets/ Recieve 5/Have 3 on Hand and then Sell 4. My calculations are fine until I buy more stock??(I think I may have just had an idea about this) Any help appreciated

    Supplementary: I use an Access Data base to produce POs could I have the Inventory SS updated each time a PO is produced? How?