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    I'm not sure why, but I can't upload my Excel spreadsheet or a jpeg. :(

    1. I want to take data lines and then add 3 rows below each record.
    2. Insert a "NEW CODE" column anywhere (it's at the right end right now)
    3. Use vlookup to populate the "NEW CODE" based on Code 1
    4. Populate the new blank cells based on the "NEW CODE"

    Is this doable?


    Re: Merging One Sheet from Multiple Workbooks into One Master

    Thank you, but since I'm on a network at work I can not get these to work. The error I receive is something to do with hidden folders and not being able to execute the commands. :( UGH! SO FRUSTRATED! I can NOT unhide the folders no mater what I do. I even checked with the IS&T folks to no avail.

    I will have about 100 files to merge together that are in one directory. Is it possible to merge all workSHEETS named "Bob" from each workBOOK and end up with just one master file?


    I found this code on this web site (forgive me for not sighting a proper reference!). It doesn't work for me. :( Yes, I changed the directory and it still didn't work. I will have 12 columns (A:L) and differing # of rows in each "Bob" worksheet.

    I was able to get help to solve this from a co-worker!

    This is a form of transposing, but a little more involved. For example, if I have a table of 10 rows x 12 columns and use the Transpose function, then I get another matrix. However, what I need is the output to be 120 rows and 3 columns.

    Re: Combine Tabs into One Master Sheet

    Quote from royUK;658351

    I can't see any point in doing this.

    I completely understand this statement! HA! :) But, trust me this helps immensely! A MILLION THANK YOUS FOR WORKING CODE! :yourock:

    Re: Combine Tabs into One Master Sheet

    Thank you for the warm welcome and the replies. Neither of these worked for my data. :(

    I am essentially trying to copy and paste all data rows from B11:Q61 into one sheet. I have about 100 files (each with at least 5 tabs) that are in this same format and would like to get them into one master file.

    Maybe you have a better way to accomplish this? Thanks again for your help! :)

    I have the following code; however, I need it to be tweaked.

    1. I would like the unique tab names to appear in Column A (currently unused).
    2. Paste ALL rows, even blank from b2:q61.

    All sheets are the same with the exception of the code