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    Hello All,

    So I have a question, and hopefully it can be done.

    I currently have a form I am working on for my job. What I am looking to do is type in data on sheet 1, and based on if this is a customer followup to a previous order, it will search sheet #2 for the existing data for that requester. So basically lets say the requester name is Chris (entered in B1), and this is a follow up on Chris's previous order (which I have already entered in sheet #2), I want to be able to have a drop down box in D1 that will basically use Chris's name in B1 and will search sheet #2 for all of Chris's experiments (hopefully using the vlookup formula or some other formula), and I can select the experiment from D1, and based on what I choose it will populate E1 (the number of parts of the build I picked)

    (Please keep in mind this is all in the Same workbook)

    Sheet #1
    B1- Requester
    C1-Customer Followup (This has a data validation drop down box. Options are yes/no)
    D1-Experiment Name Follow up (want to create a drop down box here that will show all experiments from sheet #2 for the customer entered in B1
    E1- Part Quantity

    Sheet #2
    B1-Reqester Name
    C1-Experiment Name
    D1- Part Quantity

    Hopefully this all makes since.