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    Re: Stop Users Changing Computers Time/Date

    Hi ..

    @ Rich z - I dont want users to have restricted access to their systems but thank you all the same.

    @ Tony aka acw - I might actaully try to work on your suggestion else I l have to create this application in ASP .. Thank you !

    Hi Guys,

    I am creating time sheet application , obviously i need to store the time when the user logs & logs out .. The issue is, the user can "Cheat" by changing the system time ...

    Any alternatives?? Is it possible to store the time from a particular server etc or some other source ... Any suggestions on how I go about this?? Thank you as always !

    Re: Disable certain control in a menu bar

    All ..

    Thank you very much ... Currently, I am using the method as referrred by xlite which works as an alternative ... I will try disbaling with the using the ID property & chekc if it works ... Many thanks again for all your help.


    Re: Disable acertain control in a menu bar

    Here's the code that created the custom menubar.

    Also i just noticed that , the

    Application.CommandBars.FindControl(Tag:="GRNew Report").Enabled = False

    is not working ONLY for new report control ... It's working fine for "Requery & Calculate " when I change the tag property to GRRequery And Calculate .... This is all the more frustrating !

    Hi Guys,

    I have a Add in that creates a custom menubar .. I need to disable only a certian control in my custom menubar.

    I used the following line

    ' The Tag refers to a Commandbar control that opens a new report.
    Application.CommandBars.FindControl(Tag:="GRNew Report").Enabled = False

    This however is not disabling my New report commandbar button ...
    I have also tried the following approach ..

    Dim temp as variant
    Set temp = CommandBars.FindControl(Type:=msoControlPopup, Tag:="GRNew Report")
    temp.enabled = false

    The findcontrol method works fine & returns proper control .. but the Enabled property is not working !!! Please help , this is driving me crazy !!

    Re: Application wide Keyboard hook

    I need to capture the keystroke "CTRL+SHFT+M" even when excel application is not active & i believe this can be done using a global Keyboard hook... Am not much into Windows API & thus asked if there are any examples that capture particular keystrokes using VBA. I never asked for the "form to be displayed if the excel application is not active."


    Hi ,

    I have a few forms in a workbook. When the user clicks "CTRL+SHFT+M", i want to display a particular form. However, I want the capture this keystroke, even when excel application is not active i.e i need a system wide keyboard hook ... Can any one point me in the right direction/ examples of how this can be done using VBA?

    Many thanks !

    Re: formulas exact match

    All ...
    Thank you very much for your suggestions ...I needed to do find using an excel formula only , so couldnt use text-> columns method/Vba.
    many thanks again Batman, the formula you have used seems to be the one I shall be using/tweak around with ! Cheers !


    I need to search for an exact match within a cell & i am unsure of how to go abt it ...
    Eg ) Cell A1 contains "Emea West,Emea East,Emea". I want to search for the term "Emea" in the contents of the Cell A1.
    I cant use Find() as using "=FIND("Emea",A6)" returns 1 ... But i want an exact match i.e "Emea" only which in this case should be 21.
    The Exact() works well if Cell A1 had a single value ...I guess I would need to use some array function here which will parse through contents of the cell , but am not sure on how to go about ... Please help !!

    Re: Unable to set formula property of series

    Thx again Andy .. Like you said, it's the line chart type that seems to be creating the problem ...I replaced xlColumnClustered with xlColumnStacked .. because the charts werent being converted to their original chart type when xlColumnClustered is used ... Again, I dont really know why,may be you have an answer. ... (happens when there are numbers in the series ) ... Thanks again ! You ve been extremly helpful..

    Re: Unable to set formula property of series

    Hi Again Excel Guru's ...

    Thanks for your help for fixing the previous problem @ Andy ... I seem to have been stuck again .. In the attachment (chart1) you will notice, that Series 4 throws an error stating "Unable to get the points property" ... It's because this series has no values I guess ... but then the other series dont have values either but they seem to be getting converted to static values ....Really strange !

    Please help !! I just cant understand what's going wrong !

    Re: Writing arrays

    Andy .... THANK YOU !! Second time you have bailed me out !! These small work arounds/tips come in extremely handy ....Thanks Again & have a gr8 day. Cheers !

    Re: Writing arrays

    Hi Again,

    Thank you Norie & Andy ... Let me be a little more specific in my question. Your codes work fine .. but I am referring to the context below... In this case it doesnt seem to workk .. not sure where am i going wrong.

    Hi ..

    I have an 2d array named X1(72,1). What i need to to is write the values of this array to a range of cells in an excel sheet.
    I know how to achieve this by using for each loops & loop through each cell & then paste the value in cell.

    Does anybody have an idea of a faster way of writing array data in cells?? I think I have seen it somewhere on the net, but cant seem to find it now :crying: ... Excel Guru's please help !


    Re: Data Validation

    Thx Batman, the reason I am using data validation is bcoz i need to display these names in around 5000 cells. I guess if there's no other option, i ll have to stick to the combo box control .. Many thanks again.

    Hi Excel Guru's,

    I am data validation to display a list of values . The problem am facing is .. this list has a lot of names & it becomes difficult to scroll through when i need to search for a particular name.. Is it possible that when I press a key on my keyboard, the name starting with that letter is highlighted in the drop down list.. This is not happening automatically using data validation... Is there a work aorund for this? Please advise ...

    Hi ..
    Am sure this can be done easily, but am getting stumped !!! . I need to create a named range on multiple sheets with the same named range & i cant figure out how to do this .
    EG :- I want to create a named range called "_SubUnitRows" on sheet1 starting from "A1:A50" & other named range again called "_SubUnitRows" on Sheet2 starting from "A1:A25" ...
    Any Suggestions ??? Thank you !