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    Re: Unable to set formula property of series

    Hi ..
    Now that the chart code works fine thx to the mod by Andy Pope , am stuck with something else related to this ... more to do with the formatting of the numbers.
    If i have the numbers formatted eg :- 50,000 to be shown as 50 in 1 series...when i use the above code to format the offline chart .. it changes the values to 50,000 whereas i want the number format to be the same .. in this case 50.
    ANy idea how this can be done?? thank you ...

    Re: Unable to set formula property of series

    Hi Andy,

    Thx a lot, the code now works like a charm.. I shld have tried out that mod myself :rolleyes: .. But thank you again. :) & thx for the tip on the 3rd series.
    But can you let me know what was causing the error? I mean why was that occurring? Was it because of the reason that Derk had pointed out?

    Re: Unable to set formula property of series

    Hi Derk,

    Thx for your reply :exclamat: .. However, am not entirely convinced. If possible please try to have a look at the xl attachment. It has 3 series. The lenght of the first series is around 59 ... Am able to convert this properly w/o any errors, Am getting the error in the 2nd & 3rd series ... The lenght of the 3rd series is around 56, (lesser than the 1st series) yet am getting this error .... that being the reason I say am not entirely convinced with your reply ... Any one can solve this ??

    Re: Selecting the first worksheet

    try this code

    Sub MoveToFirstSheet()
    Dim currentsheet As Worksheet
    Set currentsheet = ActiveSheet
    currentsheet.Name = ActiveSheet.Name
    Set currentsheet = Nothing
    End Sub

    Hi ,
    I went through a lot of threads in this forum, although there were a couple relating to the same problem am facing, they didnt solve my error .. so here's my question again ..
    When am trying to delink charts , i get an error stating "Unable to set the formula property of series class".
    The code is as follows :

    I get the error at the line "ChtSeries.Formula ". I get the error when the

    yArray var = "268.6 ,216.4 ,289.2 ,15.5 ,462.0 ,214.1 ,183.7,303.6 ,413.6, 353.9,314.6,403.7,	665.0,374.1,500.6,	583.5,552.6,550.8,	586.3 "

    but if I had to recude the yArray var from "268.6 - 500.6", it works fine .. not sure if its got anything to do with the length of the array... Any help is highly appreciated. Thank You !

    Hi ...
    Is there any way to identify/distinguish an Excel function from user defined functions with by using macro.
    For instace - i have a workbook with a lot of formulas (sum, countif etc) .. & some user defined functions being used on some particular cells.
    I need come up with a macro that can do the following
    1) Identify cells with excel formulas & paste them as formulas only in a newworkbook
    2) Identify cells with user defn functions & paste them as values only in a new workbook.
    Greatfull for any help! Many thanks !

    Re: high memory usage

    I did read abt the tags, guess I forgot abt it while posting my message. Apologies ... & thank you for making the required changes !


    I have written code in outlook to open excel & post email messages in excel.
    I have a global var named xlApp to open excel. ( The code creates an instance of excel if excel is not running, else only adds a new workbook).. folowwing is the code :-

    There are around 7 subs/functions where am using "Set xlSheet = WBName.Sheets(1)"
    & at the end of each sub/function I set them to nothing. (WBName is the name of the work that I pass to each sub/function)
    The problem is eveytime excel application is opened it takes too much memory (around 35k) .... Please can anyone let me what I could be doing wrong. Is referencing too many objects creating this issue (although I have made sure, i set them to nothing before the sub ends)... Any help is highly appreciated. Many Thanks in advance !