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    I have an Excel spreadsheet that is located on my company's network. It is open continuously and saved after every sheet change event. I would like to create a second Excel file that will pull specific cell data from the first sheet, without closing the first sheet. The desire is to be able to open the "summary" sheet, and enter a order number in a cell. This number will match a number in column D on the "data" sheet. Once that number is entered, I wish to pull data from the "data" sheet. For example, on the data sheet where column D values equals the Order Number (entered on summary sheet), find the highest number in column C for column D values equal to the entered order number. Then, put that number in a cell on the summary sheet. Is it possible to do something like this?

    I am processing data from a barcode scanner network. The sheet is open and active at all times. I understand that the Read Only copies of the file that are opened will only have the data that was present since the last time the file was saved. I would like to perform a Save action every time that the worksheet is changed. Is this possible?

    Re: Macro Returns Only 15 Digits

    Thanks to all of you who went to the effort to try and help me with this problem. The problem has been solved and I thought to let you know how we got around the problem. It appears that when Excel sees strings over 15 characters that consist of only numbers, it treats it as a number regardless of the variable type declaration. So, we placed an * into the 21st digit of the incoming data. This forced Excel to treat the incoming data as a string and the world was once again, a happy place. FYI, I was not the one who came up with the solution. :)
    Thanks again for all the help!

    Re: Macro Module Only Returns 15 Of 20 Digits

    Is the string class normally used to bring in text? I would like to have those 20 digits treated as text, if that is possible. When I declare certain variables as strings, the number that appears in K2 is in scientific notation form. When I try to change the cell format to text, the sample shown in the window is also in scientific notation. Good ol' Mr. Gates!

    I am using Excel 2003. I am trying to importing a 20 character from a barcode scanner to cell K2 in an Excel spreadsheet. When the part is scanned, the program handling the scanner data shows the data as being 12345678901234567890 . I am running a macro that retrieves that data and places it in cell K2. The number that appears in cell K2 is 12345678901234500000 . The macro module code reads:

    I am guessing that one of the Dim statements has the wrong word after As but nothing I have tried gets me past this point. I am not above offering a bribe for an answer! :)

    In the VB editor of an Excel spreadsheet, how would I code an instruction that places data into a specific cell? I am using WinWedge to input data from 4 different barcode scanners. I want to take the data from scanner 1 and place it in cell K2. Scanner 2 data to cell K4. Scanner 3 data to cell K6 and scanner 4 data to cell K8. The data is a 16 number string that is treated as text so that I don't lose leading zeros. WinWedge hints helped me with labeling that text. I have completed the programming that works the data once it appears in the proper cell but I am stumped on how to place that data in a specific cell (overwriting the cell's previous contents is acceptable). Thanks in advance for any advice!

    I am importing a 20 character text string (from a barcode scanner) to H2. I need to send that data to the next unused row in Column A (after insuring that no matching text currently exists in Column A-no action taken if matching data is found). Any ideas? I can provide a copy of the sheet, along with a description of the project if it would help.

    Re: Match then Time Stamp

    Call this one solved. When I took the IF section and pasted it into a section of the macro containing another IF routine, it seemed to work fine. Thanks alot Gollem!

    I have 2 barcode scanners on opposite ends of a conveyor. Barcode data from reader 1 inputs the data in Column A. Reader 2 will be inputting its data into J2. When J2 has data inputed, I would like to match that data to column A. On the row where the match is found, I would like to transfer a "Yes" to column H and a time/date stamp in column I. Once this has occurred, clear the data from J2. I will have a minimum of 20 seconds between the scans on the second reader.
    Is this possible?

    Re: Time Stamping a Cell

    Column A will be populated at no less than 30 -40 second intervals. The spreadsheet will remain open at all times, with anyone viewing that sheet getting a Read Only copy. I don't expect any blank lines to occur and I plan to use WinWedge to handle the data transfer from the barcode reader to the spreadsheet. If I understand correctly, as each location in column A is loaded, there will be an event flag that could be used to trigger the placement of the time stamp in column B (same row). The hope is that B is populated a very short time after A is populated, therefore, the only row in which column A has data and column B is blank should be the row containing the most recent value loaded in A. Ideally, within 2 seconds of transferring data to column A, column B is given a time and date stamp that will be unchangeable.

    I am populating column A with data from a bar code. In column B, I would like to insert a date/time stamp when that row's A column recieves a value. That stamp would then need to be static. I have attached a small portion of my spreadsheet to this query in case one of you divine beings has any ideas that would get me past this step. My thoughts run along these lines. If B2 has a value, skip to next row. If B2 has no data, then examine A2. If A2 is empty, then do nothing. As soon as A2 has a value entered, insert the date/time stamp in B2. Any data entered in B2 should remain unchanged from that point on.

    Re: Cross Referencing between sheets

    Just from what I am able to find out, I need a function/macro that will do a search on the second sheet for a match to a value on the first sheet. That result will be a pointer that identifies the row on the second sheet, for my target text. At that point, I will need a command to copy the text from a different column from the same row as my pointer, to a seperate column in the same row that the match reference is located. That seems alot of looping for a single command, so I am guessing that a macro would be needed?

    In my application, I am reading a barcode label whose first three digits are a code for the model number (stored in Sheet1, Column C). On sheet 2, this 3 digit code appears in Column C also, and the exact model number for each 3 digit code is stored in Column A. I would like to display the information from Sheet 2 Column A in Sheet 1 Column H, depending on the value of Sheet 1 Column C. (for example, Sheet 1 Column C contains the code 011. On Sheet 2, Code 011 is the code for Model # HTE14WABWW. I would like to copy HTE14WABWW to column H on every row where the row's column C equals 011.
    I see several examples of sorting data across sheets but nothing that really answers my specific question.

    I have a questions about possibilities.
    I will be inputing raw data (20 digit numeric code) from a barcode scanner into column A. I would like to extract the values from certain groups of those digits (first 3 digits and only those digits moved to C column, digits 4,5,6,7 copied to D column, etc.) If someone will assure me that this is possible, I will embark on an indepth search, with the confidence of knowing that an answer is out there. Thank you, in advance, for any assistance you may be able to offer me.