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    Re: Textbox To Search When Press Enter

    its not working... getting error.

    compile error.
    user-defined type not defined..


    Private Sub PolNo_Exit(ByVal Cancel As MSForms.ReturnBoolean)

    [hr]*[/hr] Auto Merged Post;[dl]*[/dl]solved.. thanks for trying to help..

    Private Sub PolNo_KeyPress(KeyAscii As Integer)
        If (KeyAscii = 13) Then 'Keyascii 13 = Enter key
        Call Command1_Click
        End If
    End Sub

    I have a form, and the form has a textbox. I have a button labeled search, and when it is clicked the macro searches for the information in the text box. How do i make the search action begin when the user press'es the enter key while on the textbox? Thank you!

    Hi, if data in column a w/s data mathes cell c2 w/s geninfo then i want it to count that cell and give me a total for all those matching my criteria.. im not good with formulas. all help is greatly appreciated..

    im using counta right now, but that just counts it all.[hr]*[/hr] Auto Merged Post;[dl]*[/dl]sorry, i should have been more direct.. i am using countif below

    =COUNTIF(Data!F:F,'Gen Info.'!C5)

    but, what i am having trouble with is coming up with

    if Data F:F = C5 then
    if Data I:I = "Active" then Count..

    Re: Prevent Combobox Duplicates

    The suggestion worked as it limited the amount of options allowed in combobox2, but it still does not apply this criteria to the search.. its still on search via combobox1 and is not taking combobox2 into consideration? my question is how do i get the code i posted earlier to search by both combobox'es

    Everytime i save my excel file as a CSV it removes the 0's. In column w i have data and i need the format to be 000. I format it under custom to that setting but when i save as csv it removes the first 0. With my dates it also changes my mm/dd/yyyy to m/dd/yyyy

    Re: Combobox Duplicates

    yea, im using on example roy put together on his site.. below is the code i am using.. i would like to add another combobox that i could use as search criteria.. basicly if combobox1 was found in col a2, then if combobox2 was found in b2 then its a match and all is good.. but now what it does when i add the combobox2 is just search for combobox2 disregarding combobox1.. anyhow.. here is the code im using with one combobox.. its very limited.. if someone would just show me how to use 2 that would be awesome. thanks.

    Re: Combobox Duplicates

    im sorry, but my skills are not developed enough to understand what you are saying. I have previously posted workbook examples, but i just need the segment below fixed? is that not possible, or am i goin to have to try another route?

    Re: Combobox Duplicates

    Thanks. I will do that.. Im trying to use .find to locate information based on the criteria from 2 combobox'es. i have made an attempt, but its not working. It only picks up data based on what is entered in comboxbox2. Can you help?

    **ComboBox worked like a charm. thanks.

    Re: Combobox Duplicates

    Okay, I dony understand. My combobox is setup with code below

    I am looking to create a database using excel.. This workbook will contain a list of information.. In col A it will have states, in col B it will have cities and in col c it will have names. If a user selects he state in drop down A (on a form) and selects the city (on a form) then i would like the form to also display the names (in boxes on the same form) for the user to view. Has anyone done this? if not how would i create a form to do so? i know my vba/vb, but im not good with forms.

    thanks for your help.

    Re: Internet Explorer Buttons

    I have tried every form name I can identify and none work. Any ideas on how to find which form I need be placing between the () to get it to submit?