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    Hi, I have written a macro to record some information to cells on a spreadsheet. Below is my code. As you can see I already have row setup in the code, but I now want to add column as an integer. So that if something were recorded in col m, then it would add 1 to colu and the next information would be added in col n.

    Col = 13 (M) to start with. Thanks for your help.

    Re: Read Only File

    ActiveWorkbook.SaveAs Filename:= _
            "C:\Documents and Settings\Owner\My Documents\Book1.xls", FileFormat:= _
            xlNormal, Password:="Passwordgoeshere", WriteResPassword:="orhere", ReadOnlyRecommended:=True, _

    Re: Continue Finding

    The code below will continue until N is blank. It appears as if you are starting your seach with N3. Therefore row begins with 3. If you begin with another row then you can change it.

    Re: Msgbox Macro For Automated Vlook-up

    its possible. can you post the vlookup formula, and anything else you may have already started. this will require a userform, and many different options. if anyone else is working on this please post to save me the time.

    Re: Save Work Book In 2 Separate Directories

    I removed the first save as I did not see a reason for it. If needed you may want to re-add.

    Re: Amortization Table Formula

    I have tried, but I cannot get your attachment to open. Have you tried print merging to create your letters? As I have not seen your attachment I can only suggest an answer from what I am reading.

    Re: Macro In Personal.xls Runs On The Personal.xls Workbook Itself

    To improve your code, and functionality try naming your workbooks. Often you will run into problems using macros with undefined workbook names. In your code you are referring to workbook (2). Why not refer to the exact workbook you are working with (i.e. MVR Totals.xls). This would require you saving a sheet labeled MVR Totals to use as a template. I do not understand what you are trying to accomplish with the sheets add, but i left it in there. Best of luck. Chris.

    Here is how you would use your code with workbook (2).

    Re: Pasting Freezing Up Computer

    getting an object error. I will move the code into the userform. Im not sure why i did not do that to begin with but I will now.

    on my old code when i stopped trying to clear everything worked fine.

    Re: Pasting Freezing Up Computer

    User form is there to select which workbook, and what they want to be put in for there name in column R. There are 5 different options for the workbooks. It could be 03-26-2007 A, 03-26-2007 B, etc...

    How do i clear the info without selection the column?