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    Re: Pasting Freezing Up Computer

    thanks, but im not sure how that will help for me. The workbook im pasting to is really large with a lots of formulas. Its also shared, and read only. When I walk it through the steps everything works just fine, but when I let it run itself it gets hung up on the pasting/clearing. I tried turning off calculation on both sheets, but that did not work. Im not sure what will fix this since it seems like the macro's speed is causing the problem.

    **correction clear always freezes up my comp.

    Re: Pasting Freezing Up Computer

    How should I launch the form? The user clicks a button on a spreadsheet when they are ready to run the macro. I only need the form to populate once the button has been clicked.

    its definitely the pasteing. Im having the same problem with the clearing also.

    Re: Pasting Freezing Up Computer

    When debugging everything is working fine, but when i run it things go much differently. it looks like the past is causing the issue. I get the ble status bar at the bottom and its full, but not progressing.

    Here is my code. When it pastes it takes so long my comp freezes up. How do i fix?

    Re: Save As Date

    Nice work guys.. I appreciate it.. Now how about this one.. i want a userform/popup to show when the macro begins. I would like it to be a dropdown box to select either "Property" "Acctg" "DRC" "PLP", or "AUTO". I would then like it to save based on what they selected in my example code i showed you "Property" but i would like it to be whatever they selected from the dropdown. Is that the way i should go about this?

    I want my macro to save as date and filename at the end. I have attempted it with the code below but i cannot get it right. If today is monday i need it to save as fridays date, but if today is tuesday-thursday then i need it to save as the day before todays date. Can this be done?

    Re: Setting Range

    Yes, its the program I am automating that deals with the Area and such. I guess im looking for the answer in the wrong place. I appreciate you trying to help though.

    Re: Setting Range

    Sorry thats my object. Here is my complete code for this macro

    How do you set the range with whats below? Right now its looking at 4,2 only and if extend to look all the way to 19,2 it will just copy the whole screen. I need it to look at 4,2 and then move to 5,2 and then so on once it has copied all that information to the sheet.

    Dim j As Integer
            Dim r As Range
            For j = 65 To 90
            If MyScreen.Area(4, 2, 4, 2) = Chr(j) Then
            Workbooks(2).Worksheets(1).Range("C" & row) = Trim(MyScreen.Area(4, 2, 4, 36))
            Exit For
            End If
            Next j
            End If

    this is how i have done it in the past but it makes for long code


    Re: Outlook With Vba

    i was thinking maybe of a msgbox to allow me to correct then proceed. Is that possible? wasnt sure if there was a way to do that with outlook.

    Re: Outlook With Vba

    thought of that, but company is very large, and we have contractors in and out of our facility constantly. Which means updating would be a daily task that could take hours.

    I use the code below to send out emails from a list i compile while reviewing records. I enter the information in this format (last name, first name). Sometimes I do not get it right and when i try to send outlook right now will have me manually look and change the persons name to whatever is found in our company address book. Problem is my review has started get much bigger and I know have 40 or 50 emails to send per review. Right now i have outlook display the message and I just click send. But on 50 emails that gets rather time consuming. I know the code to make outlook send, but what if i make it send and the address is wrong? it will not send, and im afraid the macro will error and i will lose my information. losing that information would cost me hours.

    I have a form that im using to build reports. When the user selects what month they want it builds based on that data. The only thing is I cant figure out how to get it to build based on the check month for one of my reports. If January is selected of course i want it to be first, and if they select any other months i would like them fall in order as they are on the calendar. Only thing is I can figure out how to do that. I can get it to build on all 12 months then hide rows that i dont want to see, but the problem is when doing that it errors my macro since the data is based on linked files, and files are only created for the current month, and previous months. So if i ran it today it would error the macro at April since April hasnt arrived. So if someone could help me:

    A. Figure out how to make the report build its self based on the selected checkboxes with them being in month order begining with cell b7?
    B. Take away the checkboxes and have the program only build up to the month it currently is. Thanks.

    Re: Linking Worksheets

    any way to speed this up? when i run this macro it takes forever since each cell updates when its entered. turning off calculation doesnt help