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    i have a code that calls for a userform to load. seen below - i want a temporary popup window to come up and while the code is running. i get an error everytime becuase you can not show a vbmodeless form with a userform. any ideas on how to fix this?

    Private Sub Workbook_Open()
    Application.Visible = False
    End Sub

    i would like the code below to save to a particular location instead of in the same directory as the file. also i would like to log if the user saved the file and what time along with opening it and closing like the code currently does. thanks in advance for your help.

    i would like to store the last users in an excel file. i would like to keep a log sheet that shows all users that have accessed a sheet. here is the code i am using to get computername and user - compliments of ozgrid -
    and i want to write these two pieces of data to sheet "userlog" and start with cells "a2" for user and "b2" for computername

    can some please tell me how to send the file name i get from the code below to a cell.

    Sub TestGetOpenFile()
        Dim selectfile         As Variant
        Dim item                As Variant
        selectfile = Application.getopenfilename(MultiSelect:=True)
        For Each item In selectfile
            MsgBox item
        Next item
    End Sub

    Re: Pop Up Box

    i cant seem to get your suggestion to return more then one cell. i would like to return h2:n12. and for total kicks be able to print this. thanks

    how do you reference cells in a popup box? i want a box to come up at the end of a macro and have cell values referenced in it. thanks for the help.

    Re: List Items Once In Column

    worked like a charm - i didnt know you had to copy the data - makes sense now. thanks again - this is the best help forum around. take care and keep excel-ing

    i need a macro that will list all the data that shows up in column a in column c once no matter how many times it shows up in a

    for example if a1 a2 a3 are 1 2 2 respectivley c1 c2 c3 would be 1 2 blank.

    how do i start this code on sheet tab "sht 12312" and stop this code on sheet tab "sht 12323." i would perfer not to use counters so that tabs may be deleted if unused inbetween 12312 and 123323.

    Dim w As Worksheet
        For Each w In ActiveWorkbook.Worksheets
        Next w

    thanks in advance.

    Re: Skip Two Rows In Formula

    unless i am doing something wrong excel tries to skip those cells when you drag or copy. maybe the solution is a macro that inserts two rows after data. perhaps someone could help with this idea.