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    i have a very long list and many of the numbers show up more then once. i want ecxel to return only 1 of the items if it shows up. for example.
    column a reads 1,2,3,4,4,4,5,1,1,6,7 i want column b to read 1,2,3,4,5,6,7. please help.

    Re: blank cells - not really blank

    after reading your reply and thinking about it for a second - i think i may have found the problem. it i have a formula that reads =if(a1="","") the -""- therefore dont make the cell blank. how do you avoid this?

    why when a column is copied do blank cells no longer become blank. i have a macro below that writes data to a column based when cells are balnk it skips them. it works great except for when you copy a column the cells are no longer blank. please help - this is bugging me. the code is below.

    Sub RET_DATA()
            For i = 1 To rs.Range("L65536").End(xlUp).Row
            Lastrow = Range("A65536").End(xlUp).Row
            Cells(Lastrow + 1, 1) = rs.Cells(i, 17)
        Next i
    End Sub

    i have a very large workbook 9mb and when i try to copy a cell it takes like 20 seconds- i really dont care but when you do a copy cell code it takes for ever. is there a way to copy the value only. i was thinking this might speed up the process.

    how do i get the code below to not return duplicate declaration errors.

    i need to return the rows in another sheet that have values only. for example if cell "A1" = 1 "A2"=2 "A3" = nothing "A4"=4 i want cells "B1" "B2" "B3" to return 1,2,4 respectivley.

    i have a string "251423,a" in cell A2. The formula in cell C2=A2. except for in C2 i want the value to read "251423.a" instead of the ",." the string is not always the same length. so really what i need to replace the ",' with a ".' in a formula.

    thanks for your help.

    Re: Find Values In List

    wow i keep coming up with these little questions - how does excel determine how many results to return. it seems to be very random and the msg box size is not always the same. it seems to max out at 23 returns.

    Re: Find Values In List

    also - is there a better way to line up the data in the returned message box. i have a great deal of tab's and they still dont line up correctly. please help.

    Re: Find Values In List

    i cant get this to run correctly. i am try to reference cell G1 on the "INPUT SHT" and this code is pasted on the "items" sheet. nothing happens when i put something in cell "G1" on the sht 1.

    Re: Find Values In List

    Sorry about the caps thing. I type everything in all caps and when it is posted to changes to first letter caps -

    Your post works excellent. The only thing is that can it be adapted to return information in column B:B and column C:C so if B2 = "new gear" and E2 = "1234472" it will return this instead of the row it is located on.

    The code works great though. Thanks for your help.

    I Want To Add A Function To A Worksheet That Allows A User To Type A Word And It To Return Matches And Their Corresponding Number In A Different Column. For Example If A User Types In "new" In Cell A1 I Would Like For The Sheet To Return "new Deal" "1"; "new Order" "2"; "new Meal" "3"; And So One Until All Values Of "new" Are Returned. I Would Like These To Be Reutrned In A Pop Up Window If Possible.

    I Know This Might Be Tricky But This Forum Is Great -

    Thanks In Advance!

    I Need A Macro That Will Run When A Duplicate Item Number Appears In The Same Column. So For Instance If Aaa Exists In Column "b" And Someone Trys To Enter Aaa Again A Macro Will Run.

    Thanks In Advance -