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    Hope somemone can help me. I need excel to look up table values. This look up method is not in the conventional sense. See the attached file for reference. I know the value of A8=1, and I know the value of D8=6, I need excel to find the value of D2. Hlookup and vlookup don't work for this type of applicaton.


    I attached the table. let's say I know the dose/fraction is 250, and I know the table value is 56. I need excel to look up 12 for the number of fractions.

    I have a rather unusual problem I hope you can help me with. I am writing an excel calculation sheet that needs to refer to a table. The reference from the table is not in the coventional sense. Instead of knowing the first column values and the first row values, I know the first column values and the value located in the row of the known 1st column value. I need to then get the first row value located in the column of the table value. VLOOKUP, and HLOOKUP don't help me. Is there a formula or an excel function that can help me??