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    Re: Function COLUMN INDIRECT in VBA

    first portion is a sheet formula
    later portions of codes of excel vba

    if you want to use vba

    suppose A1 has
    P is in caps

    try this macro

    Sub colnumber()
    Dim j As Range
    Set j = Range("D18")
    j.Formula = "=code(left(a1,1))-64"
    MsgBox j
    End Sub

    you will get 16

    Re: Macro to save workbook based on cell data from specific worksheet

    see whether this macro works

    Sub workbooksave()
    Dim path As String, ddate As Date, nname As String
    path = "e:\excel\"
    ddate = Worksheets("Master worksheet").Range("A1")
    nname = Day(ddate) & Month(ddate) & Right(Year(ddate), 2)
    ActiveWorkbook.SaveAs Filename:=path & nname & ".xlsm"
    End Sub


    Re: How to compare 2 results among years and among different schools?

    that pivot table did not give correct resulte

    see attached file with macro in vbeditor. run the macro test and see whether you get what you want

    I am repeating the macro here also.

    Re: Vba insert values table

    presume the data is in two columns A and B from row 1 down

    15 15
    20 21
    18 24
    17 18

    try this macro and see column E

    Re: Seaching selected words using VBA

    I have attached the file. check whether macro "test_revised" works ok.
    just run "test_revised"
    it clears the data from col F onwards to UNDO the result of already run the macro and runs the macro. I think the problem may be my sheet starts from col C .does your real document start from A

    if it woks ok what is the difference in configuration of my sheet and your real document.

    Re: Seaching selected words using VBA


    a word from column D can correspond with multiple terms (The word "niet" can be found in every cell in column B blad 2). So I need the corresponding results to apear in the same row starting with column F

    I have modified the macro and given the macro new name "test_revised"
    Note: your E6 in blad1 is blank. I have inserted x in that cell to avoid that blank

    " it also has to work with selected or idividual cells in column D, and not just the entire column."

    instead of looping through D1 to D6 you can remove that FOR -NEXT and use the cell address with a dot e.g. .range("D2"). try modifying the new macro for this and give a new name, save the file and test

    after running test_revised Blad1 will be like this

    1 lokaal A Spijbelaars
    2 donkere C Little Bit Love
    3 drugs F Little Bit Love The Drug Lord
    4 zin F The Drug Lord
    5 wereld A Little Bit Love The Drug Lord
    6 niet x Little Bit Love The Drug Lord Spijbelaars

    Re: Seaching selected words using VBA

    not clear what you mean by this
    "the titles from those stories"

    I think what you want is for e.g that if "lokkal" from column D of Blad1 is found in column B of Blad 2 you want corresponding term in column A of Blad to be found.
    I have given a macro and see column F of blad1

    you can create a command button and assign this macro for that button
    I am also attaching the file

    Re: Ranking based on an arbitrary order

    some apparent inconsistencies. 8 blocks of data in sheet 1. only 6 cutom lists in sheet 2

    for whatever is worth I have prepared a macro "test" I dont know whether the macro gets what you want see attached file.

    the macro is also repeated here

    Re: excel sorting by custom list

    thank you very much. that is what I actually did and used a macro to add a custom list and also sort according to custom list. some how the ascending order within custom list takes place.
    Then I manually sorted with custom list and then order remains same as custom list and not in ascending order,.
    that means that something is wrong in the macro., I shall check the macro and if the problem persists I shall revert to the newsgroup.
    thanks again

    the problem is more complicated but I am simplifying it so that I can understand

    my customlist is

    sorting should be done just as above and not

    (descending order)

    nor do i want
    (ascending order)

    is it possible?

    sorting arranges the custom list either in ascending or descending order

    of course I can have a helping column identifying by numbers e.g

    venkat 1
    john 2
    lyndlon 3

    But I want to avoid this.

    Re: Ranking based on an arbitrary order

    why dont you make arrays in fueil2 in each column as different custom lists and sort according to particular list

    you can see custom list
    in excel 2007
    click excel icon on the top left end
    click excel options
    popular(first item on the left)
    click edit custom list(6th item from the top)

    once this is added to custom list you can sort according to this custom list

    of course you can write a macro for adding to custom list

    once custom lilst is used you can delete them from custom list
    you can try on that line

    Re: (VBA) Compare data from two different workbook and highlight MATCHES

    sheets(1) means first sheet in the workbook
    sheets("1") means the sheet NAMED 1 in the workbook

    if you are not very familiar with macro try to have two sheets in one workbook,make that workbook active and write the macro

    later you can save each sheet in two workbooks

    it is better to start with easier configuration rather than complex

    Re: vba to select multiple sheets based on a condition

    this macro is not tested
    open a new workbook and call it "new". you can rename later
    activate the workbook which has the filtered data

    now try this macro (I have not tested)
    if you want you can modify the macro