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    Re: Macro To Create Work Sheets And Copy Data According To Cell Value In Main Sheet

    Hi Roy:

    i think you did not understand my requirements.. i know how to use AutoFilter or AdvancedFilter or Pivot Tables........ but it can not be automized to create worksheets based on the cell value and copy data accordingly right?

    please help me if you can...


    HI Friends,

    Please go through the attached work book… in one Sheet there is data and in F column are the timings... I need a macro… when I run the macro.. I want to create work sheet based in the shift time and copy entire row related to that shift time of all the cell to that particular sheet… there may be multiple rows related to same shift time but remaining data may be different.. Please help me to create a macro.


    Re: Fill Vehicle Allocation Table

    Apologies for the late response, thanks a lot for your efforts again, everything is working fine that’s what I wanted… but I have one more problem that as I mentioned in my first post that was a sample data I have around 250 vehicles here I can increase the vehicles only up to 120 not more than that as the same vehicle number has to be repeated twice at the end… let me know how to go about it?

    Thanks a lot again

    Re: Fill Vehicle Allocation Table

    HI Batman,

    Thank you for the efforts you have put seems to be too complicated for me... i tried to fiddle with the formula and failed to achieve the result... Request you to attaché the file if possible.

    Thank you again

    Re: Allocate pool vehicles over half-hourly time slots with variable usage period

    Hi Batman,

    Thanks a lot for your help... you rock….!!! Your amended book this looks good for me... Helps to save lot of time... I have the following limitation using this tool… is it possible to amend the same to give the following results...

    Please go through the attached sheet

    1)If I extend the formula as you mentioned in your post, the formula works fine to allocate vehicles ( I have just deleted the extended portion to fit to the file size, I have just mentioned the vehicles need to be allocated shift wise in B column)
    2)The usage of the first vehicle is more than the last…. there is no equal distribution of work load to the all vehicle… (i.e. The vehicle number 800,801,805,809…. Are used more than the vehicles 976,977,978,979,982….)

    3)I need to use all the vehicles equally

    Thanks a ton in advance…


    HI All,

    I am reposting this as my previous post was deleted.. i dont know the real reason for the same... please let me know if i am posting something wron..

    The raw data in the attachment contains:

    •C1 to AI1 refers to vehicle numbers.
    •Column A refers to Shift Time
    •Column B refers to Number of vehicles required in that particulars Shift time

    The output:

    •As you can see in the Sheet “Output Required”, fields marked in the color “light green” are manually allocated vehicles numbers available and required according to shift time
    •The logic used behind allocation is the same vehicle should not be used before or after within the span of 3 hrs, the gap between the vehicle usage before and after should be minimum 3 hrs. And the maximum time gap can be any value.
    •Vehicle usage can be maximum (ie. You can use the same vehicle by rotating within 24 hrs but keeping in mind that it is not used before 3 hrs).
    • Pleas note all the available vehicles must be used before the same used vehicle is used in the new shift... ie. You should utilize all the vehicles before one is duplicated

    This is an sample data by automating this, I can save 16 hrs of my time per week.. Please pelase please some one help me………….. if any further details required please post back..


    Re: User form-Easy Selection of data to be filled in the form

    Dave, thanks for the replay.

    Please read my post above...The same thing as you have suggested i have done in the current user form....please check the attached file with user form...

    But what i want is to make data entry easy for the user... i need a popup window which shows All the vehicle numbers instead of selecting from the combo Box.. Since there will be 100 to 300 Vehicles selecting from the combo box will be difficult than the popup window...

    Combo vehicles should be updated when user select vehicle number in the popup window

    I think I am clear in what I want...


    Hi Friends,

    Please find the attached workbook

    i need some help. I have a Database and user form, in the user form i have a field named “Vehicle No” this is a combo box from which a user needs to select the Vehicle numbers, and all these are working fine now, I need your help in the following:

    When user selects the second field named "Select Vendor name" i need a pop up window which shows all the Vehicles belongs to the vendor which they have selected, and with the popup window user selects the vehicle number then the Vehicle number combo box should be filled.

    Currently users have to select by scrolling through Combo box which takes long time and difficult to find by scrolling.

    Please help me.. Friends
    Thanks in advance


    Re: Reports based on Dataentry in one sheet-How to Automat

    basically there will be a work sheet for one day, but since the MIS will be on a daily basis , so i need not to worry ,

    I need code to create the MIS based on the data entry sheet

    And please let me know how to go about the above code.



    Hi Fiends,

    Please have a look at the attachment

    I need to generate a report based on Data entry in one sheet and summary of reports to be automatically generated in the sheet named MIS, there are many conditions for those columns in the MIS sheets, as of now I need to do all that manually using Subtotals and other tool.. Can some one help me in Automating this task please?

    Thanks in advance to all of you..