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    Re: New sheet date update

    See if this macro does what you're after

    Re: Saving a file to same file name

    If I follow what you're wanting, and I'm not sure I do,
    maybe adding a sub to a standard module

    Public Sub Save_Right_Away()
    End Sub

    and adding an instruction to the Workbook_Open sub that will run that sub 3 seconds after the workbook opens ?

    Application.OnTime Now + TimeValue("00:00:03"), "Save_Right_Away"

    Re: Insert missing time in between rows

    After removing the stray items down around row 4500...
    try this on your test file

    Re: want to use single button to goto multiple cell (excel)

    Perhaps you could use a macro along the lines of this assigned to the button

    Option Explicit
    Dim nextClick As Long
    Sub WhereToGo()
      If nextClick = 0 Or nextClick > 3 Then nextClick = 1
      Range("D" & Choose(nextClick, 43, 59, 60)).Select
      nextClick = nextClick + 1
    End Sub

    Re: Count column if NOT a duplicate (Excel 2010)

    The array formula the OP shows is for the question as asked.
    It's not what the OP wants because of what defines a duplicate.
    Duplication is determined by more than just this range and what is determined to be a duplicate is color filled orange, color index 44, via VBA not conditional formatting.

    The question should have been:
    Is there a formula that will count the non-blank cells in a range that are any color other than orange?

    Re: Run-time error '1004'


    ii. If it is "unprotected" the items at columns "BA:BE" will automatically moved to " column AY".

    The sheet protection doesn't have anything to do with that, it just stops the macro from running.
    Unprotect the sheet and add this

                MsgBox Selection.Address
                Exit Sub

    between these two lines and see where you're actually asking for things to happen (comment them out later.)

    With .Offset(1, .Columns.Count + 1).Resize(1, 5)

    Re: Need help modifying existing macro to auto count cells

    Based on your existing code, I'd do it like this

    Re: VBA Copy Paste Copy Loop

    Try this

    Re: Find and Replace Carriage Returns to carry out text to column

    Try this little piece of code to see what characters you are really dealing with.