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    Paddy thank you for the answer
    in the first instance I understand the way to write the formula.
    The second I was not clear
    I downloaded data from a souce as a text file into excel. I then transfer that information to another cell in the spread sheet. this cell is then connected to a form in a different program at that point the number shows up as a number like 36590 ( I know this is the excel method of caculating dates) so a date of 4/15/91 goes in ata number like that but if i can make the date read April 15, 1991 it will transfer in. What I need is the formula fo tranfering a date from cell a1 into the conversion formula that allows the date to show up as above.

    Have looked at the help documentation for joining text and values but still don't understand the spacing for a long string of text with as many as 10 values to be interspersed in the text.
    The next issue is the example allows a conversion of a number to a different value ie
    TEXT("4/15/91", "mmmm dd, yyyy")
    which results in the date April 15, 1991
    What I want to do is bring the date in to the formula from another cell
    Any help would be greatly appreciated