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    Re: Pickup Values from Cells to Combobox in user form

    Hi skamat,

    Try this

    public sub workbook_open
    sheet1.combobox1.additem "Select data"
    for i = 1 to 6
    sheet1.combobox1.additem range("A" & 6+i).value
    next i 
    sheet1.combobox1.listindex = 0
    end sub

    put this code in the workbook code page.

    Re: Copy Strings in a comment and get subtotal of numbers typed in the comment VBA

    hi please try this

    Thanks cytop for editing the post for me
    @ excelprod its just a dummy code you have to set the total value refrence with your desired cell range

    Re: Autoadjust text for printing

    hi set the print area first and then use orientation landscape or potrait this will not allow the rows to cut off

    ActiveSheet.PageSetup.PrintArea = "Your Range"

    Re: IE Automation Pdf to save from IE

    Hi cytop thanks for your great help.

    but the code is not useful to me coz it does not saves the pdf inside the ie. it is usefull for those who are generated trough link from ie.
    at the end i used sendkeys to save the pdf which i didnt want to do but time is money and doesnt want to waste your valuable time and mine too..

    thanks for your valuable time sir and have a pleasent evening.

    Re: Would like to build a VB macro to copy info from one worksheet to a blank one...

    hi tkcatch,

    didnt get why you wanna overwrite the data on one another but still if you want it. heres the code replace this code

    If[/COLOR] Worksheets("Revoked").Range("A4").Value = "" [COLOR=#0000ff]Then[/COLOR] 
                    Worksheets("Revoked").Range("A4").PasteSpecial (xlAll) 
                    Worksheets("Revoked").Range("A65536").End(xlUp).Offset(1, 0).PasteSpecial (xlAll) 
                [COLOR=#0000ff]End[/COLOR] [COLOR=#0000ff]If[/COLOR]

    with this one, it will paste the data only one row 4.

    Worksheets("Revoked").Range("A4").PasteSpecial (xlAll)

    Re: Would like to build a VB macro to copy info from one worksheet to a blank one...

    you must go through some macro tutorial for better understanding
    i think you want something like this.

    Re: IE Automation Pdf to save from IE

    :thanx: thanks cytop.
    But i have to first click on a search button first after that this page appears where there is no other link or url option where i can use this.
    i have given this link for an example what i have to do is to click on the save button of the pdf or any other possible way to download.

    below is the source code of the page

    Please help!