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    Re: ADO SQL Query Ignoring YEAR in the Date

    have you tried between

    WHERE (((One.DELIVERY_MONTH) between #2015-01-01 00:00:00# and #2015-04-01 00:00:00#

    also see whats the date format in .csv file if its text you will have to pass date as text..

    Re: Locking Merged cells before save

    try this

    Re: problem with SqLQuery in VBA


    so function need to be working in bout direction even srtX is null or srtY is null

    if both criterias will be null then what will you pass in your query..

    Re: Getting Username when workbook is opened Readonly

    try this

    Re: Count a range of labels, split in half and highlight the top half

    here you go

    Re: Using VBA can we check the FONT format all the files in a Specific Folder

    hi bindu use this and only keep the excel files into the folder for which you want to get the status