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    Re: Condense two SQL UPDATE statements into one.

    this should do the work...

    UPDATE [tblShortageBoards]
       SET [ysnPriority] =  (case when [dtmDueDate] > DATE() + 5 then FALSE
                                  when [dtmDueDate] <= DATE() + 5 then TRUE
       where [dtmDueDate] > DATE() + 5 or [dtmDueDate] <= DATE() + 5

    Re: Random Times

    [INDENT]This formula will give you a random time between 8 AM and 4 PM


    If you want a generic version....


    and you might want to put some rounding in there to round to the nearest minute like

    =ROUND((RAND()+1)/3*1440,0)/1440 [/INDENT]

    Re: Excel VBA match copy paste append

    rahul welcome to the forum...

    please post your own question and do not reply on the post which are closed....

    if this post relates you in some how refer a link of this post into your post.

    Re: excell missing dates

    see your post #1 you posted date as 22/12/14 which is in text format so i have to get the date other way around now your post #5 says date as 27 Dec 14 this means the dates are not in text if so use this, see if the date captured in DAT is as per your date in excel....

    dat = activecell.value

    Re: sort rows and color code them

    replace this

    Cells(lRow, 1).Interior.ColorIndex = Dict.Item(strName)

    with this

    Range(Cells(lRow, 1), Cells(lRow, 5)).Interior.ColorIndex = Dict.Item(strName)

    Re: excell missing dates

    your dates are in text format so had to go around....

    Re: how to convert into excel.

    try this!
    it will connect your html page with excel and even you can refresh it if you want the data to be refreshed..

    Re: sending email by command button

    didn't get your question as no color seems to apper into the code part..

    any ways there are different approaches which can be followed like

    if Sheets("Invoice").TextBox6.Value = "" then  '<--- if blank
    elseif Sheets("Invoice").TextBox6.Value <> "" then '<--- if not blank
    end if