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    Re: Using .xla file as an Add-In

    Thank you for your reply!

    That is what I have done. Please note that the problem isn't that I can not access the .xla file after I have added it as an Add-In. That part works fine. The problem is that Excel tries to open the .xla file twice when I move the .xls file using the .xla file by adding "c:\myNewDirectory\myXLAFile.xla!" before all my calls to functions contained in the .xla file. As myXLAFile.xla is already open Excel complains about this.

    What I can not figure out is why the path to my .xls file is added in the macro calls to the .xla file which is already an Add-In.


    Re: Using .xla file as an Add-In

    Thank you for the reply!


    1. configure yr add-in to yr workbook so that you can directly apply yr add-in functions to it

    Could you please clarify how this is done? If I understand you right that is exactly what I am trying to do.


    2. copy yr add-in functions/macros to yr workbook mannualy.

    I created the .xla file to avoid just this. My .xla file is 500kb and I do not want to copy its contents for every worksheet I create.

    Thank you!


    I have created an .xla file with all sorts of functions that I want to use from an .xls file. The .xla file is added as an Add-In in Excel. In the .xls file I have a number of command buttons that are supposed to run the functions in the .xla file. In the "assign macro" dialog of the comman buttons I have just specified the function name of the function contained in the .xla file.

    This seems to be working fine but problems arise when I move the .xls file to another directory. For some strange reason the new path is added to the macro path in the command buttons when I do this even though the .xla file is an Add-In and already loaded. That is... First the macro is specified as "openMenu". When the .xls file is moved to another directory this is updated to: c:\myNewDirectory\myXLAFile.xla!openMenu. This causes Excel to complain about that there is already one myXLAFile.xla open so it can not open another one eventhough myXLAFile.xla is not located under c:\myNewDirectory\.

    This is driving me insane! Would really appreciate some help on this matter.

    Thank you in advance