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    I've created a PowerPoint addin that allows me to manipulate shapes using a new toolbar with buttons connected to various macros. When I install the addin, PowerPoint automatically assigns keystroke accelerators to the buttons I created on the new addin toolbar...[Alt, X, Y1]....[Alt, X, Y2]...etc. Is it possible to change these default accelerators to for example...[Alt, X, R, R]... using VBA such that when I update the addin code and re-install the addin on multiple computers, the accelerators will be whatever I define them as? The code I am using for my new toolbar (copied from a forum and tweaked for my purpose) is below and I am working in PowerPoint 2016. Just in case it isn't immediately obvious, I'm a complete noob so feel free to suggest improvements to the below if necessary.


    Re: On Error GoTo code issue

    Hi roy,

    Thanks for the input, but unfortunately I can't create a table with the data that I use. The data is organized in the following way:
    I need it to be organized as follows: (it's a monthly report I'm trying to automate)
    Because of various total rows and the total number of rows of data used in the report, tables are ineffective. Below is the entire code for my macro which may help you see what i'm trying to accomplish. (not an expert at vba, so i'm sure there are more efficient ways to do some of it)

    I'm having a problem with the following code. Once the looped code runs through and finds all of the cells with the word "Resource:" and moves them to the appropriate location, the code busts (I assume) because it can no longer find the specified text. Why is my On Error GoTo skip not coming into effect at this point? I can provide more of my code if needed. Thanks in advance for the help!

    On Error GoTo skip    Do
        ActiveCell.Offset(2, -1).Select
        ActiveCell.PasteSpecial Paste:=xlPasteValues
        ActiveCell.Offset(-2, 1).Rows("1:1").EntireRow.Delete

    I need a macro that searches for values in "Index" that match values in "Restricted List" (the two tables are on separate spreadsheets). Once a match is found, I need it to change the value of the "Weight" column cell in "Index" to a value of 0. I need this to be done with a macro because the values being searched are copied and pasted into the cells. So a vlookup will not do the

    Re: VBA Table Lookup Help

    Sorry for not being more specific. The reason that it can't be done with a vlookup function is because the contents of the cells in Table 1 Column 1 are values that will be copied and pasted into the column. i.e. I will get a list of securities and weights for an index and will copy and paste the security tickers (into column 1) and weights (into column 4) which will override any formula placed in the cell. I need the code to find securities in Table 1 that match securities on a "Restricted List" and change their weighting to a zero value.

    I need some help with VBA coding. I have two worksheets with a table on each work sheet (Table 1, and Table 2).

    I need a macro that will look for a value in column 1 of Table 1 that matches any of the values in Table 2 column 1. I then want to replace the value in Table 1 column 4 of the same row that the match is found with the value in Table 2 column 2.

    Any help is appreciated.