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    Re: Return active OLEObject in Worksheet

    Quote from kulshresthazone;671805

    Application.OnKey "{TAB}","KeyCapturing"

    That could work for me to tab to the next object, but I think I still need to be able to find out what object is curently active. As mentioned before, I have an array which lists the objects I want to tab between and in a specific order. If I know what my current object is, I can activate the next or previous object pretty easily.


    I am trying figure out a way of returning the currently active OLEObject in a worksheet. My goal is to allow tabbing between text and combo boxes in a specific order, which is currently specified in an array. To do this, I'm using a simple piece of code

    If KeyCode = 9 Then .OLEObjects(objArray(objArrayActive)).Activate

    with "objArray" being a list of the names of all objects I want to be accessible, and objArrayActive being a numerical value representing the item I wish to activate. My thought was that I could simple increment / decrement from the currently active object.

    So far I can't find any way of returning the active OLEObject, unless I'm working in a form (which I really want to avoid).

    I would also like to be able to capture a "_KeyDown" event taking place in any object on the sheet without having to have a new "ComboBox_KeyDown" subroutine for every object. "Worksheet_KeyDown..." doesn't seem do do this.

    Thanks for the help!