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    Re: Data Validation Drop Down List Font Size?

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    I'm almost certain you can't change the font size but there is a workaround here:


    In regards to 'Data Validation Drop Down List Font Size?' I just starting working with VBA and macros in Excel. I wanted to make the font size bigger for a drop down Validation list. I went to the link you provided and did the following steps, however when it came to the VBA part I wasn't sure where I needed to make changes or add any ranges or cells to make the code apply to my worksheet. The only thing I was sure about doing was changing the name of the combo box to match the name I chose for mine, which is TypeOfBusiness. Could you please tell me where I will need to edit the code so it applies to my worksheet?

    I have my Validation drop down list in C2:E2
    The cells it's pulling the data from is V2:V6

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