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    Re: Modifying list making macro to tie comment cells to proper list name cell. No row

    I always want make, edit, delete comments in first sheet(Sheet List). But it seems, comments has to be stored somewhere else and called back from that place.
    What about to store them in each sheet macros ? Somebody told me to make some Public function(in each sheet ?), which gives back that text into first sheet.
    But it would be ineffective to make manually macro for each sheet. Is possible to make overall macro to make automatically other smaller macros ? Also when I add new sheet, that overall macro, would make into new sheet that particular one.

    Would be anyone so kind to code it ?

    Macro makes a list of all sheets in a file at first sheet of file. By clicking on sheet name, it moves to picked sheet. When want go back to sheet list, press ctrl+q.
    In every new opening of file, it opens at first sheet (with list).

    All works (I just wanted into yourself into that), but I need to write comments in showed cells near list cells. Problem occur, when I change order of sheets in file. Comments stay at same position. I need move comment cells along with list cells.
    Not whole rows, because I don't know what may I add next in future.

    Please try

    Help appreciated

    Thanks !

    [Blocked Image:]

    main macro + back with macro:

    macro for first sheet display on start:

    Private Sub Workbook_Open()
    Sheets("Sheet List").Activate
    End Sub

    Also posted on:…e-cell-no-whole-rows.html


    Re: to place picture into cell's background. not whole sheet

    seriously ?
    i'm using excel 2010.
    maybe in new 2013 not posibel ?

    just simly logic, it is not so hard add one browse button into Formatting cells menu, to be able backgroun pic there too...
    Is there any crucial reason, why miscrosoft didnt do it yet ?

    thanks for all

    Re: Transpose (switch) rows into rows. and columns into columns.

    SOLVED by this elegant step by step guide. awesome. systematic, stepbystep, displayed instructions how to do it:


    BUT i dont know three things:
    1, how to save that macro in my excel to be there forever prepared for use.
    2, how to make button in excel to run that macro by one click.
    3, how modify it, to not swap WHOLE rows, columnsm; but just few celles selected from it !

    ty guys


    i need to mark some row (which has some content written in), mark other row(with data too) and switch/transpose them mutual.
    when i was trying transpose method, which is using for switching rowns and columns, it wrote me error, that data are overlapping. it means it cant work on same things (rows > rows, columns > columns).

    simply i need from this:


    make this: