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    I'm trying to make a pivot table that can combine the data from 2 columns.
    Attached is the raw data.


    Basically we have 12 machine broken into 4 groups (line 1 & 2 each with set 1 & 2)
    So each group has a Bonder 1, Bonder 2, and Bonder 3
    We do 2 types of test (WBP and Alum Pad) and we do each test 2 times (see columns labeled T1 & T2 for each bonder)
    I need the average and standard deviation for each test type, broken down by each machine.
    My main problem is getting the pivot table to combine the results of 2 columns (the 2 tests) into a single average/stddev result (broken down by machine).

    I got it done on the calculated results tab using some very complicated database formulas.
    I just want to know if I could have done it with a pivot table.


    Re: [Resolved] Re-select Text Box after KeyDown Event


    I had tried playing with the Tab numbers, but none of the combinations I tried worked.
    Only turning them off for the other buttons was letting setfocus work on the textbox.

    I'm glad my users aren't going to need to Tab through all the controls

    Re: Conditional Format cells based on =Now()

    A ...F
    Jack08:00:00 AM10:00:00 AM10:20:00 AM12:00:00 PM12:35:00 PM02:00:00 AM02:20:00 AM04:30:00 AM
    Jill09:00:00 AM11:00:00 AM11:20:00 AM01:00:00 PM01:35:00 PM03:00:00 AM03:20:00 AM05:30:00 AM

    I'm guessing your 8 columns are start and stop times of each break.

    Then you could do 3 separate conditional formats (based on formula) and apply them to whichever cells you want formatted:

    Here's a link on how to do conditional formats.
    If that doesn't get you there, we would need to see your spreadsheet like Streub said.


    Re: Re-select Text Box after KeyDown Event

    Thanks for your help! This is driving me crazy, it seems like it should be such an easy task.
    The text box SerialNumber is enabled.
    I can click into it, but I cannot tab into it.

    I tried making another command button and setting the focus to it and it worked just fine
    They only code for that text box is the Keydown that I posted.

    How do I turn off the Tab stops? I couldn't figure that one out

    Also, I have a similar form (used to check if a serial number exists in the spreadsheet)in the same file
    It has the same problem where I cannot setfocus to the textbox. The only difference is that I can tab into that one.

    Thanks again!


    I'm making a simple user form where the user enters a number with a barcode scanner that is set to press enter after it scans.
    Then that macro should enter the scanned data into the spreadsheet,clear the textbox, and reselect it so they can scan again without having to click with the mouse (or even look at the computer).

    I got the data to go in and the textbox to clear, but the focus won't return to the textbox (textbox is named SerialNumber)
    I tried putting SerialNumber.setfocus into the Keydown code, but no luck.
    I also tried putting it in the Activate command for the form (called PlasmaEntry), as suggested in this thread, but still no luck.

    Thanks for your help!