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    I have a Column A with part numbers, than I have Column B also with part numbers, but they are lees than part numbers in Column A. Some of the numbers in Column B are the same as in A. How to match both columns and see which numbers exist in both of them?
    Or is there any way to sort numbers in Column B to go next to number in Column A?

    Thanks for your help.

    Re: Calculating overtime in Excel

    Thanks for your reply.
    I`m in USA and here overtime paid depends of the company but in general all hours over 40 are considered overtime and paid 1.5 times than regular wage.
    So I just need to calculate the hours and find formula to sum the wage for the regular hours and then for overtime hours.
    At my first post I have attached an sample of what I have tried to do but unfortunately couldn't make it to work.

    Re: Calculating overtime in Excel

    Hi Dan,
    Sorry for my late reply and thanks for trying to help me.
    Seems like if someone worked just 2 day 10 hour per day he still get 4 hours overtime even if the person worked less than 40 hours.
    Also if the person worked 5 days in the week 8 hours per day and for example he worked one more day for 6 hour this 6 hours are calculated regular hours not overtime hours.
    I still believe it should be easiest way to calculate only overtime hours worked over 40 hours.

    Re: Calculating overtime in Excel

    Hi Dan,
    Just found a problem in the sheet.
    When I have 40 h 05 min it doesn't calculate them right.
    Also if I have less than 40 for example 39 hours it's like 39h x $1 then -1h overtime = $39 - $1.5 overtime h.
    Can yo help me with this please?

    I`m trying to calculate overtime when I have more than 40 hours per week.
    I have an spreadsheet where I enter the data like start time, end time and brake as result I have for example 57:00 Hours per week and need to calculate 40 hours per regular rate and the hours over 40 by 1.5.
    So far tried
    A1 = 57:00 - total hours
    In cell B1 I`m using IF function: IF A1>40; total hours-40;else =0 this way i will get overtime hours or 0 if there is no overtime =17 in current example. Then in next cell C1 =A1-B1 = 40 from here I can multiple the overtime hours and regular hours the way I want.
    The problem here is A1 has value 57:00 and I don`t know how to proper enter the if function =IF(A1>40;A1-40;0) where 40 is regular hours. A1 is 57:00 I've tried with 40 and 40:00 but can't get any result.
    How to enter this 40 to be like hours?

    Thanks for your time and help!