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    I am working on a project at work showing steps for a particular initiative. For example, the high level task might be "Building a House". Each sub-task will be the individual steps I need to do, one at a time until I am finished. Here is the problem I am running into. See example below:

    A5 contains "starting date" of 8/31/2013, B5 shows "date completed" of 9/22/2013, C5 will need to show DAYS completed and D5 DAYS remaining.

    I need to come up with a formula that will update C5 and D5 automatically and than stop when we have reached the "date completed". But if today comes before the "starting date" I want it to show a value of 0 in C5.

    I have other tasks that have a "starting date" of late July so those have already started. I still need D5 to stop at 0 zero when that step is done.


    Thank you :)))