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    Re: Reset to zero


    Firstly, am I understanding right, you have data in columns H4:H40 in the 19 sheets. Wherever any data in these ranges does not = 0 you want to reset it to 0?

    If so, a simply way to do it would be:

    Record a macro, click on one of the 19 sheets. Hold down the Control Key (Ctrl) and click on each of the otehr 19 sheets. Each sheet tab should then go white, thsi is selecting multiple sheets. Once all of the sheets are selected enter 0's in the cells H4:H40. Thsi will then flow through to the other 18 sheets. When you have finished entering your data single click each page again to deselect it. Stop recording. Add a button and assigne your macro?

    Hope that helps???


    My VBA code in Excel 2000 copies a worksheet and Saves it. The default path of the file location is held in a cell. The user defines this path through a userform. The userform simply has a text box and the user types in the path. This value is then transferred to the mentioned cell. What I want is for the user to be able to pick a directory from the user form rather than having to type it. Can anyone help?