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    Re: Counting Unique Values within a Date Range Formulae Error?

    Hi PCI,

    Robert has managed to correct my formulae, which was so far off you wouldn't believe. Now I just have to list which countries ordered in what month, I think I am going to have to push back and tell them that they are going to have to have a Pivot Table for that, I am just not smart enough to write the formulae for that. Might have to do some sort of VLOOKUP within a date range.

    Hi All,

    I have an issues with a formulae I have written to measure two factors;

    A; How many different countries appear within a certain date range.
    B; What countries are they.

    I tried a unique list, but could not get it to work within a range? I dont particuarly care how the data is pulled through as long as I do it. At the moment I have become stuck in 'Unique Ranges' and have n given up, does anyone have any ideas why this does not work?

    The formulae issue is in the tab "Problem_Formulae", the dat in the sheet 1, and the date ranges in sheet 2. Also, just to make life a bit more challenging pivot tables are a no go :(.

    Thank you for any guidance in the right direction for this.

    Re: SUMPRODUCT miscounting dates

    I have just seen you are in Austalia, I bet the weather is great there at the moment, I can only assume you are a Might Bunnies fan, nothing like Friday night Football, here in the UK we don't get top league Friday night football, here in the UK it is MNF (Monday Night Football). Have a great evening.

    Re: SUMPRODUCT issue?? Can anyone help?

    Hi Pike,

    Thank you for that, I thought it might be a format issue somewhere, but when I search each cell in sheet 1 Column E it shows they are all the same format? I will fire through column E and change the format.

    Thanks again Pike, have a good afternoon.

    Kindest Regards


    Hi All,

    I have a problem with the formulae SUMPRODUCT, it seems to be miscounting? Now I am sure there is somehting silly I have missed, but I could really do woth someone else taking a glance over it before I have to look at another option to get the result I need.

    The ultimate goal here is to count how many occurences happen in each month, there is a list in Sheet1 of the attached Excel document, then in Sheet2 there is the two different formulae's I have tried, but the count is wrong? For teh first month of instances June 2012 it counts 20, but there are 21? and there are other instances similar throughout.

    Any help would be much appreciated, thanks all.