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    Yep, I tried saving the file as a Binary workbook and it brought down the size to 3 MB.

    Thanks for your Help.

    But is it possible to reduce the size without changing the format?.


    I have an Excel file with two worksheets in it, where one worksheet has full of IF formulas and a Bar chart.

    The second sheet has 1 Dougnut chart and a Bar chart.

    Now my problem is, the total size of this Excel file is around 27 MB, which is huge for this as this has to be shared with different peoples for filling.

    Can anybody help to figure out the reason for file size and would appreciate it if provide a solution to reduce the size.

    Thanks in advance.


    I am looking for an VBA code to browse and insert an object in a specific cell as follows in the attached excel.

    1.If i click browse G3, it shoud open a file explorer to choose a file.

    2. Then if i select a file and attach, it shoud attach in cell F3 in centre.

    3.The attached file should be with the same name of the file and with the same icon (For Eg.If the attached filr is PDF, then the icon shold be PDF, if fie is excel then the file icon should be excel and so on)

    4.In the same way if i browse G4, file should be attached in F4 and so on.

    Experts, pls help to create a VBA code in the attached Excel.