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    Re: Data Sort with Protected Worksheet

    Hi Misscrf,

    try the following steps:
    before you set the protection, turn on the autofilter for the designated columns. (of course first you should set the locked/unlocked cells)

    then got to protection and check the followings:
    select locked cells (delete the check mark)

    select unlocked cells
    pivot tables
    and be sure that the others are unchecked.

    After protecting you'll be able to do only those commands, what you've need.

    Hope it helps.

    see attached small sample workbook.
    the passwoer to unprotect is "a"

    Re: VBA Listing names & dates and properties of MP3 files in a directory


    Yes, there is some reason.
    In our workplace we set up an "MP3 server" to populate the songs.
    I have Windows Media Player, but i don't know how can i retreive and export the data mentioned before.
    I would like to create a small excel based macro which updates the entries and mark the newst items, of folders


    Re: generate work sheets


    I've met wit this problem with all three mentioned versions of excel, on quite stong machines, only that's why I reported my former bad experiences regarding this topic.


    Re: generate work sheets


    I'm very afraid, that restriction is Software related.
    If you decided use Excel, I can see two alternatives.
    1. Put the old and new user infos to the same sheet, e.g old infos in column A and new ones to Column C (without seeng the structure of the databases, it isnt seem very difficult to import only a range instead of the whole sheet)
    2. Creating separate workbooks for each users, containing two sheets each (old and new data)
    Unfortunately this solution also has a Software related limit of (guess) 1024 files per folder :-(((, but for sure much less than 5000 files per folder.

    If you could send an one record sample, probably we could figure out easier the proper solution


    Re: Find Invisible Character In Ms Word


    with a small trick I succeed to identify this unvisible character.
    Anyway, it is the ASCII character with 32 code

    put a small VBA code to your document (wit pressing ALT+F11), and on the left pane right click on your document, choose INsert/Module, and paste this code )

    hope, it helps

    Re: Mail Merge


    would you be so kind to send the word template and a few records of your xls data?


    Re: generate work sheets

    Hi Guys,

    Only one comment,
    As I know from my former unsuccessful experiences, the MS Excel 97 to Excel 2002 can handle only 255 sheets per a workbook. :-((

    Of course you can insert more than 255 sheets via VBA code, but when you trying to save the workbook, the excel application collapses at all.

    So, when I could suggest, think on some other alternatives


    Re: auto return to next row


    try the following:
    assuming you have to enter first in column A then column B and then begin the new record in Column A again in a new row, then
    first enter data into let say A4, hit TAB B4 will be activated)
    enter data into B4
    then hit ENTER to return the next record begining point (e.g A5)

    hope it helps

    Re: Data Sort with Protected Worksheet


    you were on a right track, but you've missed one step.
    1] Select range of cells - in what you allow sorting
    2] Select Protect, uncheck Lock - OK
    3] Select Tools, Protect Worksheet - from the checkboxes appears check the followings:
    - allow user to select locked cells (1st option)
    - allow user to select unlocked cells (2nd option)
    - allow user to sort (11th option) ...& key in password

    sorry if the phrases not properly match with the English ones, but I use Hungarian excel, and therefore quite difficult to get the proper English phrase of the menus and commands.

    Hope it can help bit