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    Re: Formula not working

    Quote from Rowddawg;681985

    silly question, and might not help, but have you tried stepping into the formula to see what excel says is happening as each if is evaluated? Probably not an issue since the formula looks good, but without it being a format issue just wasn't sure...

    I actually did not try that but i will. Thanks

    Re: Formula not working

    Quote from Robert Mika;681978

    Check format of your cell and change to General
    If you are draggin to the left the cell will change to DF5 and EY5.
    What's the values in those cells?

    I changed the format but nothing happened, except that the figure doesn't show up as a % anymore.

    I actually was dragging the cell from the left and the formulas update fine. It's just that they do not calculate a result.

    I even retyped in the formula from scratch and that's when I get zero, or actually a blank cell.

    Re: Formula not working

    Yes, Auto Calc is on.

    DG5 = 254595
    EZ = 533354
    Answer should be: .477

    The answer I'm getting right now is 0
    But when I copy the formula from the cell to the left, I get the same answer as the cell to the left. It's like it isn't calculating.

    Thanks for any ideas!


    My spreadsheet is giving me fits. I am using this formula:


    I copied it from the cell to the left and the formula is correct. My problem is, it gives me the wrong answer. It gives me the same answer as the cell to the left. It's like it isn't even calculating the formula. This is true for three cells in a row.

    Does this make sense? Any ideas? Thanks!!