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    I want to delete un-required rows from my workbook and those with CCODE -/00***/ must stay and other rows to get deleted.

    There are more than 1000 rows and I want to clean them up.


    Re: Create Summary and Report from text file

    Quote from jindon;758607

    Upload a txt file, I only work with uploaded file.

    Text file uploaded for testing i have made rows empty.


    Location Code : 2 Area Remote 1
    Location Total : No of Records :

    Location Code : 400 Area Remote 3
    Location Total : No of Records :

    .Value = Application.Index(a, 0, 0)

    Runtime error '13:' Type mismatch.

    Please have a look.

    Re: Create Summary and Report from text file

    Sorry for delay reply.
    Thanks Jindon for the script.

    Jindon, on testing in summary suppose row of Location Total is empty then report gets corrupted. Please provide a solution.


    | Location Total : No of Records : | | |

    .Cells(1).Value = "RUN DATE :" & Date

    This date to be appended from text file first line dd/mm/yyyy.

    Thanks in advance.

    Re: Create Summary and Report from text file


    Cytop, I apologize & updated the first post.

    Jindon, Thanks for creation of summary, I am highly obliged. Please can i have the details of text file also in excel sheet for details cross check.
    The details are not getting formatted / aligned in cells with option Data-->From Text if i import.
    The Details Report is also required.

    Thanks in advance.


    I recorded the macro to import large text file but unable to align it to cells, I need this macro to import text file on regular basis and create a summary of it.
    Please some one help with macro to import and create summary from it. The sample text and excel workbook is attached.
    Thanks in advance.

    Question posted in other forum link:…t-File-and-Create-Summary


    I want to confine/limit the Columns from A to J and if after J columns having data to be transposed to column D.
    If particular row column data transposed to Column D then copy the Column A,B & C to that new row which has transpose data in column D.

    col :: A--B--C--D--E--F--G--H--I--J--K--L--M---N
    Data: X--Y--Z--1--2--3--4---5--6--7--8--9--10--11

    After Transpose.

    col :: A--B--C--D--E--F---G--H--I--J--K--L--M---N
    Data: X--Y--Z--1--2--3----4---5--6--7
    -----: X--Y--Z--8--9--10--11

    Is that possible to transpose with a macro.


    I want to place decimal in this 550000 so that it becomes 5500.00

    .Columns("f").NumberFormat = ??


    Re: Changing the printer in the loop

    Quote from TheGlovner;688862

    So you should be able to amend your code to fit inside that template and it should hopefully give you what you are after.

    Thanks for the response,
    I tried to amend it into my codes but unsuccessful to obtain the result, I request you if you can help me to do that.


    How do i loop/toggle the printer to switch from Col A1 to B1 then to A2,B2 / A3,B3.... consecutively/parallel for printing.

    The codes are printing the column 'A' competely & then shifts to Column 'B' instead of that is it possible to shift alternate after every row. Starting Col A2 then Col B2 next Col A3, B3 this will print consecutively/parallel at a time.