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    Hi All,

    I really need help on something, i am using excel 2010, i have a table which is getting info from other sheet, the formula i'm using is sumifs, because i need the cell to show the amount of calls taken by each agent on specific day, this is fine, but sometimes the agent is in holiday or OFF, when i enter off for the agent on specific date, it does not show off for that agent on the table, now please if any of you know what can i add to make the cell show OFF on the table, do i need to put something in the formula or do i need to use conditional format by using formula. i really don't know, this is killing me these days.

    Re: excel formula help

    thanks for the advise, i will be minimizing as possible, but i have 81 agents, and everyday, there is a audit report comes with yes or no's which has 20 parameters, i will be counting yes or no's on each parameter, if you have any other advise, please helpme on this issue, as it's in my head all the time, it does not make me sleep :)

    hi all,

    i am new here, but i love the place, i have a question, i have a formula, but it is a bit long, i need to make it shorter, an example is below:


    i will be having about 30 sheets so it is very long, anyone can help me to simplify this,

    thanks in advance,