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    You say that you are importing data. Is each user essentially saving the same imported data in each file? Can you blow away the imported data before saving?

    Just my 2 cents without seeing your particular file:
    1) Is the file 3-4 mb mainly because of physical size (number of sheets/rows/columns) or number of lookup formulas?
    2) If its lookup formulas can you substitute for VBA code instead? You might also be able to skip a few tables by using code & arrays instead.
    3) I've also found that =sumifs instead of =vlookups helps with file size.
    4) # of rows use less space than # of columns,.Can you move tables below each other instead of beside each other?
    Hope these suggestions help, tho' you've probably looked at this already.

    Thank you Dennis & Ivan. I hadn't thought of explicitly naming them..that way I can blow them away and use the same names again on the next iteration.

    Question: If i generate 100 textboxes on a sheet then delete them...the next texbox is numbered #101. How can I reset the numbering back to #1?

    Situation: My code generates a number of textboxes on a sheet, allows the user to view & print, deletes the textboxes, moves to the next record and repeats on the same sheet.
    After 100 records I am over "Text Box 1000". If I do this weekly then I'll be over "Text Box 1000000"


    I know that VBA passwords can be hacked in just a few minutes. Is there ANY way to protect/hide VBA code? A different approach?
    I have some clients ($$) for an Excel/VBA app but don't want them viewing, modifying or redistributing the code.