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    Re: Counting up with Identity Number Patterns

    Gotcha. I'm good for now. I've been working with one person on here for a while that knows how I think (scary I know lol) and they are AWESOME by far one of the BEST programmers I've run across after being in management for 30+ years so for now I'll sit tight and wait for his/her response. I won't have to mention names because they'll reply but again this person is the bomb and has written Macros for me that go way beyond my expectations

    Quote from AAE;710523

    Your thread is two weeks old and has not gotten a reply, whereas nearly all threads get a reply/solution within 24 hours.
    I can't explain lack of interest - those helping in the forum do so voluntarily and without payment - everyone chooses which threads they think they have the skills by which to offer solutions.

    Re: Counting up with Identity Number Patterns

    I will try to explain this a little different and perhaps someone may be able to help and understand better. The counters work always going up in numbers and never having a 0 (zero) so after a 9 it starts over again at 1 123456789. 12345789 they work every other digit "up"




    So 1234 can be 1334 or 1235

    thats one scenario
    the other



    1234 can be 2234 or 1244

    it works like this forever and ever. I'm wanting to be able to build up to perhaps 20 different patterns going up perhaps 10 rows. But what this really means is every time I get a new number they split and double. So, the 1st number becomes 2 like the scenario above. Now you can see I have 4 new numbers to go up 1334 and 1235 and then the other set 2234 and 1244. These two sets will become 8. I have done a few in the attached spreadsheet. The conditional formatting is important. Again all even numbers are Green font with gray shade, Odd are red font with yellow shade

    Thank you all !

    Re: Adding Numbered Patterns vertically

    [QUOTE=KjBox;709959]That is the bug I mentioned in my last post. It will occur when there is no matching pattern.

    Thank KjBox,

    That does the trick for the sequence. Now, I must be doing something wrong when I place the new code in. Last time I had the same issue that it tells me that my Macro has become disabled or is not enabled and the count will not run. What I am doing is "view code" then go to the code and high lite it, delete it and copy and paste from here to the spreadsheet then I hit save and then close. What am I doing wrong?

    Can you upload another copy for me to download if we cant figure this out. Thanks for your patience

    Re: Adding Numbered Patterns vertically

    Hmm, on the fraction of a sec. Let me reboot my pc and make sure everything else closed. I ordered a new desktop today that will have twice the memory of my laptop plus solid state drive and a faster processor. Hopefully that will eliminate a lot of my slowness plus my lack of knowledge with spreadsheets

    On the other [qoute]Can the search portion be broken out to a separate spread sheet[/qoute]

    I totally different sheet (book) that I can load overwrite the previous search with results from a new pattern search. It can be in the same book. Speed is what I was looking for

    Re: calculation turned off but still calculates

    Thanks NB! I use a lot of it for my patterns. Mainly yellow shade with red font and gray shade with green font not including a lot of formulas down 3000 rows. hmmm, need more memory I guess (RAM) I have 8 gig and going to get 16 with a solid state drive

    Re: Adding Numbered Patterns vertically

    This works perfectly!!!!! I have a request "if possible" and not time consuming. Can the search portion be broken out to a separate spread sheet. It takes forever to search because I have to first put the count numbers in columns BCDE each time I want to do a search and I jump between sheets and its a lot quicker to just copy the numbers already counted once. Hope this makes sense

    I ran the spreadsheet as is and it runs beautifully. When I added 1279 rows to BCDE it has been running for 45 minutes and still running. I am assuming I have to run the "count" under "G" before I can search under "L". Just a suggestion to either be able to do as suggested above or be able to place data in to BCDE from another sheet that already has the count completed and then run "G"

    Re: Identify Number Patterns

    I completely understand. I will have to put my thinking cap on for another way to sort to get results

    Quote from KjBox;708851

    Conditional formatting and variety of colours is fine for making pretty tables and for creating a good looking page for presentation of data. However when used with raw data that is being manipulated, especially with lots of copy/pasting between sheets (as you obviously do), conditional formatting and cell colouring is best avoided because it will cause nothing but headaches!

    I have office 2013 and have quite a bit of updating to do. I turned the recalculating to manual but it still goes in to the recalculating mode or appears to. The screen goes whiteish and does not respond for a few minutes. Is there something else I need to do to make this stop? If not I will be here all week LOL

    Re: Adding Numbered Patterns vertically

    Hey yall, after playing around with this and BTW YALL ARE AWESOME AND YOU :rock:

    Is it possible to add a search function or if I need to do another post of sheet that is fine. I would love to be able to search for a set or group of numbers that the column "G" generates.

    See attached please....


    Re: Adding Numbered Patterns vertically

    I have had some time to play with this and OMG Mick....WOW!!!!!! I love it!!!! If I could hug you through the forum I would. Kbox, AGAIN ...what can I say .... "I LOVE YOU MAN" Not having the skills I need yet I have no idea what I am reading when I see the Macros therefore I have (had) no idea how to enter a button to make this work. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!!

    This is working FANTASIC!!!!! :thanx: