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    Dear Sir,

    This is my first Email. Would you please give solution for my query. I am using Excel 2007 and have to send monthly payslips to respective email ids. I have the Name and Email ids in Sheet 2 Range B1:C59 , and employee codes in A1:A59. And in Sheet 1 i have the Payslip format which was automatically displayed when i select the employee code from drop down list in the cell E7 in sheet 1.

    Every time i manually save the files as PDF and send to their Emails. I want the out put as whenever i select the employee code from drop down list , it should automatically save as PDF with Name of that employee ( Name of the employee is located in B1:B59 in Sheet 2 ) and attachment should automatically go to that employee's email Id. Would you plz help me to solve this problem
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    Witson Joyet

    Re: VBA Code for dynamic range of data importing

    Sorry to disturb you again and again. but now i am facing the new problem . I have to send this file to my Managing Director. But whenever i try to do this every time i have to change the path Set owb = Workbooks.Open("C:\Users\HYMC\Excel\Test\book1.xlsx") at my MDs system. Is there any way to pick it up automatically sir ?

    Re: VBA Code for dynamic range of data importing

    Sorry for my late reply sir ,

    Kindly find the attached files for your reference

    in this Data.xlsm i wanna show the msg box ( when opening of the file) like Do you wanna import data ? if ans is yes then it should allow to import data from Book1.xlsx if it is no then Normal dash board will be run. Is it possible to do like that sir ?

    Dear All,

    Plz suggest me to solve my problem, i have a work sheet which i have to daily update with Turnover data. To update my main work sheet i download data from my soft ware as excel sheet and pick especially some columns data . Daily i copy these columns and paste it in my main work sheet. Now i need a macro to do this automatically.

    Every day i have to upload only the following columns those are ..
    A B C F G H I J K

    and in rows i will take from second row only as the first row consists the heading those are not necessary in my main worksheet. and the last row consists Totals . this is also not necessary in my main work sheet.

    After copy of these desired lines i have to paste it in my main work book (DATA.XLSM) in Sheet2 (BOTH sheet) here the problem is daily the data is increases so i have to paste it after the already filled rows. Kindly give me the VBA for this problem .

    Good Day,

    I have a pivot table., i am trying to insert offset formula for this table.=OFFSET($A$1,,,COUNT($A:$A),12) but when ever i try to do like that the error message Reference Not Valid has displayed. Any idea to resolve this matter ?

    The second problem is in my book I have four sheets in that Exc 1 and Exc 2 sheets are for turnover for different exchanges having date wise what i need is the same data have to be updated automatically in 3 rd sheet that is Both sheet.
    but the problem is here in the Both sheet some of the columns need not to be shown.

    And the third one , Is there any chance to show the different line graphs for total clients individually? (daily data will be added ).
    I am giving my file link here
    Advanced thanks for your help


    Witson Joyet

    Re: Macro for birthday wishes

    Please find the attachment, in this I and J columns it shows Today's Birthday and upcoming monthly birthdays. in the next sheet Notices i want to show that data.. but here i noticed that space between two names.

    and i do not know how to show the upcoming monthly birthdays in that shape.

    I need the macro to send email wishes to those are having birthdays on that day. ( which will be populated in that shape in Notices sheet)

    Hai Excel Experts,

    I have prepared one dash board which having the data for all my employee and clients birthday and anniversaries dates. And i have to check this file and send the E-mail wishes and Mobile messages ( for this we are using SMS country software for bulk messages) .

    In column H:H i have birthdays and in B:B i have the name of the employee. so i am using the formula =IF(TEXT(H2,"dd-mm")=TEXT(TODAY(),"dd-mm"),B2,"") to display the Today's Birthday. Now i need to update two things here.

    1) Need a formula to display the upcoming birthdays with in a month . for this i am using =IF(TEXT(H2,"mm")=TEXT(TODAY(),"mm"),B2,"")it works well but i need to show the total upcoming birthdays in one place only. suppose the names in B2 ,B10 , B25 having the birthdays in this month it will shows the result in I2 ,I10 , I25 . but i need it to show in one place or in one shape .

    2) I need to send Wishes mail to them . Is there any macro to send the wishes mail to those are having the birthday's today ?


    Witson Joyet