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    Greetings, I would like assistance in creating an automated dashboard based on the attached sheet that has certain raw data; this dashboard aims to track the status of orders and measure each person's Efficiency in handling orders and also track aging orders that are still not completed.

    Some parameters in this dashboard are mandatory, which are

    • Order Number
    • Order Type (drop-down list with the following status only (New Business, Replacement, Extension, Investment)
    • Parent Organization
    • Requesting Organization
    • Leader Name
    • Order Creation Date
    • Order Status (drop-down list with the following status only (Approved, Completed, Onboarding, Interviewed/Interviewing, Rejected/Cancelled, Pending Approval)
    • Actual Completion Date (Only when order status is completed)
    • Order Age (Calculated automatically based on a formula with the number of days as format, the only instance where I need assistance in this is when the order is completed, age should be empty when it is complete)
    • Efficiency in completed (this is the Completion date - Creation Date) (Also days format)

    Optional Parameters

    • Order Name
    • Order Title
    • Client Name
    • Requestor
    • Pending with whom
    • Remarks

    So far, this is from a parameters standpoint; for the dashboard, I already have the design ready for what I am looking for specifically. I want to filter these charts with slicers using the parameters below.

    • Leaders
    • Order Status

    When you select a particular leader, you will show the status of their orders, aging orders and Efficiency in completing orders, when you choose a certain status, it will focus on orders for that type of status only.

    Finally, it is crucial to view each leader's trends. This brings me to the tricky part: I need a way to track week-on-week changes as well as month vs. month; these sheets are modified each Friday, so I want to compare the orders table this Friday vs. the previous Friday prior to the last modification and the same thing on monthly basis. Is that possible, or is there a more straightforward solution to this? Please let me know if there is a simple way to do this.

    Do let me know if you require any further clarifications.

    Thank you! i don't think i will need the list view this is good, but it's not selecting the client properly for some reason, when i select client 1 for example it selects client 8 or 5 , it's not selecting the proper table.

    Edit: to further clarify each client has a separate table so when you select client the slicers below will only have options for that client.

    Hello, this is an old project that I started on ozgrid, it's already finished but I need some help with a few changes,

    The concept is simple, this sheet acts as title & description generator that user can copy in their tickets to have good quality tickets

    Each client has certain templates, in a pop-up form you choose a client, then you proceed to select the type of interaction --> Category ---> Subcategory ----> Subject

    Once you go through these steps you will have a title and description that you can copy, and finally from a contacts table if you input user's email in the form you get his/her contact info in the description.

    it's difficult for me to explain so I am sure once you check the attached file you will have an idea how it works,

    My request is to change the structure or the way the client is chosen, instead of a form with pictures, I just want a list view with names Client 1, Client 2.....etc,

    I don't know if it's feasible but i want the file urgently and today, im sure a skilled vba programmer can finish it quick.

    Thank you all, i'll send the 10% for OZgrid now

    Re: USD $30.00 Conditional Text Generator

    Ok, thanks Wigi, then let's consider this thread closed, i will test this for the next 48 hours and only reply to this thread if there are minor glitches.

    As for the last two i will open a new thread later (at the weekend maybe) and even add other features if needed.

    Many thanks for your efforts :)

    Re: USD $30.00 Conditional Text Generator

    Hello Wigi,

    Sorry i know i am being a pain but there some things that needs to be ironed out.

    For the image feature i only have 15 logos, i am open to suggestions as to how to incorporate them in the sheet for instance why not choose the image of the client instead of choosing client in a drop down menu, at the end of the day you know better what is the best way to add them and not cause a headache, if it's a major feature i'd happily open a new thread.

    Now for the little stuff, the purpose of the gender choice is to change him to her or he to she in the description and i don't think that's necessary so i would like to remove that value all together and simply refer to person as user without mentioning gender.

    Also as originally requested and i totally forgot to mention it again i want client name to be added by default at the beginning of the title, so if i choose client A, then client A is added automatically at the beginning of the title, if it can be added in existing database now then kindly advise on how it should be added.

    Finally there is a minor glitch, when i copy description the line beneath above contact is not copied.

    Thank you for your effort :)

    EDIT: another very very important point is the i want the client to be an attribute in table in data sheet meaning that when i choose client A then everything is tied to it, for example hardware - monitor - replace monitor has a specific title and description that is different than client b hardware monitor replacement, what i noticed is that when i change monitor replacement title and description it remains the same even if i change client which is not a good thing as there 15 clients still and each a different template.

    Re: USD $30.00 Conditional Text Generator

    Hello Wigi,

    Regarding the locked sheet i cannot click on the tables unless i unprotect the sheet

    As for the image feature, this is an excel sheet that's going to be shared with atleast 10 people so i don't think it's feasible to share it along with an images folder we have approximately 15 clients each with his own logo, if it's cumbersome to achieve i don't think it's necessary

    Last but not least i have many categories left specially in issue_subject, is it easy add to add stuff or is the code built around the provided choices only?

    Re: USD $30.00 Conditional Text Generator

    oh i get it, so i can keep adding and modifying stuff in the data sheet, that's brilliant and very simple :) ok 2 questions, can i completely hide choices in tables instead of them being greyed out? and finally in the client drop down menu is there a feature to add a small image representing client, like for instance when i choose client A an image representing client A is shown in the form, it's just for show really :P

    Oh and i want everything to be locked except the field because i can click everywhere.

    Re: USD $30.00 Conditional Text Generator

    Hi Wigi, thank you for the quick reply, after i make the choices text is not being generated, it only says provide title or provide text, but contact info is being generated properly though

    Greetings All,

    I hope you are doing well, i wanted to create a text generator which is conditional, i have attached the template and i will explain the functionality.

    First it will start by asking you to choose a client (Client A, Client B), then ask if user from said client is female or male, then there is a slide which asks you to fill contact info of user, then if it's a request or incident, then if it's hardware or software, then type of hardware or software

    all done by button presses and on one screen, basically i want to merge cells or hide them and not have user jump from sheet to sheet, also i want the whole sheet to be locked and force user to type into fields or press buttons

    after all choices have been made last sheet or page is called generated text, it will have a title and description with a copy button next to each field.

    i am gonna give an example to further clarify what i mean.

    Let's say i receive a call from a female user from client A, she is saying her monitor is showing a black screen, how would i use this sheet? i would do the following:-

    i will choose client A ---> Female -----> Fill in her name, e-mail, tel and then hit send then click on -----> incident -----> Hardware ------> Monitor ------> Black screen

    then it would jump to generated text sheet

    With the title like this:- Client A - Hardware Incidents - Monitor - Black screen

    and the description:- User reporting that her monitor is showing a black screen, kindly assist user.

    and below this in the description field you will find the contact info filled in earlier

    like this



    and finally a copy button next to title and description

    i hope my explanation was clear

    for any clarifications or concerns please don't hesitate to message me.

    10% has been sent to OZgrid :hit:

    Re: $10 Application form with certain formulas and conditions

    Quote from Krishnakumar;701560

    OK. Can you please replace the DOB formula in the data validation with


    or if want me to upload the workbook again, happy to do that :)

    Thank you! it worked :)

    Please bear with me i only need an hour or maybe less to check everything is okay, i will send the payment immediatly after i am done, please PM your information