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    I found a vba script online that would gather data from multiple worksheets located in one directory/folder and have the same number of columns and layout as my master spreadsheet hosting the vba code and all the data. The issue is that I would like the code to also add a column with the name of the file (workbook) the data in that line was extracted from.

    Can anyone please have a look at the code and send me a revised code with the above addition?

    Thank you very much!!!

    I posted this in another forum too:…orkbooks.html#post3933167

    Below is the code I currently have:

    Re: Filter Multiple Selections Data Validation


    You can look at the attached file. Please refer to sheet "sameCellAddRemove". I would like to filter them so that I will be able to find all the cells containing one of the terms (eg. all cells containing "one"). When I click on the auto filter it just gives me strings of data delimited with commas.


    I am trying to create a column in which each cell is with a drop down (data validation) where I can choose multiple options foe every cell and then I want to be able to filter the column by individual results.

    For instance if column A has the following cells:

    A1: header
    A2: apple, orange, grape
    A3: orange, apple
    A4: grape

    I want to use the auto-filter option so that if I filter to show only "orange", I will get A2 and A3. If I filter to show only "grape", I will get A2 and A4.

    How can this be done? Does anyone know?

    I managed to get the data validation drop down to enable to select multiple values in the same cell, by using VBA code:

    However, I still can't filter it properly as I described in my initial question! Can anyone help? Perhaps I need another code to program the filter?

    Thank you very much!!!!